Bubbling Under | Love – Rising (Video)


Please check out up and coming artist, Love. Her video Rising is a nice tune that gives a ray of light in a time where citizens of Nigeria are constantly questioning their reasons to celebrate the 50th Independence of the country. I personally like the setting of the video. Check it out.

As a child growing up in Nigeria, Love attended her grandfather’s (Rev. J. A. Emezi Rtd.) Pentecostal church and was inspired by the music of afro-gospel artists like Panam Percy Paul, Celestine Ukwu, Hope Davies, and Sonny Okosun. Secular music was not allowed in her home back in Nigeria; when she later moved to America, the same rule applied – no secular music in the house. Love, however, was welcome to sing in her father’s (Rev. J.N. Echema) church where her mother could often be seen at Sunday service playing the drums in the church band. One Sunday, while her mother was vacationing home in Nigeria, Love decided to fill in for her. Without any traditional training, Love taught herself how to play the drums and soon began making weekly appearances at church on the drum set. Soon, she began leading praise and worship and songwriting– creating melodies and lyrics birthed from a myriad of emotions – joy, pain, hope, reflection, dreams and aspirations and, most importantly, love. The fleeting thought of becoming a gospel artist was appealing, but she is certain that the purpose of her life expands far beyond any religious, cultural, or gender based barriers. After spending many nights and days struggling with her identity as an artist, Love has come to the conclusion that her name is Love, and that is what guides her. With a beautifully impassioned voice, and of firm grasp of the human spirit, Love has evolved into a young woman unapologetic about her own passion for music.



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