The Best Rapper In Nigeria Right Now Is….



This is totally up for discussion. There are a lot of rappers out there in Nigeria right now, but we want to know, who is the best. Not the best historically but as of this very moment.

Let’s discuss.

Who’s The Best Rapper In Nigeria Right Now?


  1. I like Reminisce, his voice compliments his versatile lyrics, he can be funny, he can go hard, and battle anybody.. awa leyin ee .. ketu ojota repping !!!

  2. Abeg where did u wanna place dia master wey get zee I mean there big boss for dis game ask what s d name? Olamide Badoo

  3. People are just stupid and senseless. WHO IS A RAPPER? thats the question you guys should answer before looking for the best. Ice prince, phyno and reminisce, they are all good but they are not the best. Ever listened to BOOGEY? people release mixtapes and tracks for you guys to see that the game has changed but you won’t listen at all. GOOGLE – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and thank me later. Nigerians don’t know rap. the few that do, are just silent and let the fools decide for themselves who their best rapper is.

  4. y’all jus talking basic shit and judging on only “rappers” you listen to,listened to all of em y’all mentioned….jesse jagz is the best FYO

  5. No argument about this any more. Because u argue 4 wat u don’t know. Olamide is 4 yoruba. Phyno is 4 igbo. No tribal arguments would have exist here. Check between. M.I, ICE PRINCE, JESSE JAGZ, AND REMINISE

  6. Mi sing like international artist, i have to say the truth MI IS THE BEST RAPPER IN AFRICA NOT ONLY IN NIGERIA

  7. Vector is the best rapper in nigeria 2014…he kills beat always and forever!…no better lyriscist mehn!!…more grease to ur elbow…

  8. Check out olamid sitting on d throne,he did it just like worst behavior.dnt argue #olamid is really d baddo in d game.

  9. Check out olamide sitting on d theone,he did it just like worst behavior.#olamide is really d baddo in d game.its not easy to rap in ur dialect.come on pple dnt argue

  10. U guyz dont know anytin about rap, coz all y’all kno is only dance trackx, d best ever rapper in 9ja and africa as a whole is da mr incredible, coz his lyrics are dispicable and clean, his voice is legible and his lyricx are filled with strong punches, he knows when to fast or slow, in sumary M.I Is da best, after him u guyz can talk of mode9, iceprince and vecto then mayb phyno, but m.i remains d best

  11. When we talk about rap we don’t mean someone that twist tonques and drop shit….check out the rapper that is rich in his lines and the organisation of lyrics.. Mi might be the best but his lil bro., jesse jagz is simply the greatest when it comes to lines and organisation. After jesse jagz then mi followed by phyno and olamide

  12. m.i is a god of rap, i wish there is a word i can use for something more than best, you are so good, i love you

  13. Mr incredible is d best because is words are real nd nt unreal unlyk reminis, olamide nd phyno. Infact olamide nd reminis rap in yoruba y phyno fino rap in prince is even better dan dem self bt d best is still remain (m.I) both in 9ja nd d whle Africa.

  14. When they are of rap is nt all abt singing story for the gods,or durosoke, only hiphop heads will know that Mode9,SINZU,VECTOR,JESSIE JAGZ,MI are d best rappers in africa followed by GODWON,REMINISCE,…sum fools wil allow illitrate Olamide n phyno to blind fool dem!! Am off u diggg

  15. Reminisce the best rapper of today.yoruba.english.he sing and rap at the same is no easy g.reminisce as been taken over,if only we love him love him right and hold him well alaga ibile remilekun kalid is not here 2 fight for the best rapper oti yi ee mr aga is the best name as BABA AFUSAT we are watin for the album.lie down wen u see ur father which kalid.

  16. Hey pals,you know,most people in nigeria are illitrate,most of you judge this game according to d rapper u heard most…let me y’all this,rappers who holds nigeria hiphop is mi,modenine,jessejags,vector,Godwon,reminisce,boogey…bt iceprince z wack now,neto c z wack…bt for olamide he’s alive to persuade u nigerian to the red sea,notice olamide he use to steal lines

  17. The only best rapper both in africa and naija is olamide (badoo).he always bring real words in his music.i wil fans him to d point of death,olamide d king of rappers.

  18. Whether you like it or not olamide is the best rapper he is the no 1, okay….only what he is lacking is he is nt using English to rap if he uses English like ice prince he will be better than anybody else buh still he’s still the beat

  19. Olamide na d best rapper.. One man mopo no record label ibi ti emi dè ìyá lá yá wòn o le dé bé.na badoo dey sit on d throne jawe

  20. M.I shouldn’t be dragging best rapper in nigeria,…. M.I is more than nigeria rappers….. they should be comparing him with world best rappers like, jay-z, biggy, 2pac etc…..

  21. both mi & vector are not qualified to be Nigerian best rappers the world best raper is gonna be Oliver caezsar African greatest raper the rap aka 1one4love7

  22. 4ever nd ever d best wil alwyz b olamide{a.k.a. badoo}d guy is so talented wit dis,so abeg stop beefing,envy.alrght u ask y is d best rght.badoo alwyz cum up wit a new pattern,new style,new lyrics,new swagg,new taste,badoo ti di osha akunlebo so try nd bow down…take it lyk dat turn up guy,abeg no vess badoo!

  23. hey people!!! stop saying d rapper u lyk most .. we ar talking Abt d best of d best rappers not d rapper we lyk most .. 4me 5$târ general olamide badoo z d1 I lyk most .. buh we all knw English rules d world … Xo let’s chose BTW iceprince,modenine n m i … BT 4phyno..if som1 tells me 2list dbest Nigeria rappers..he CNT b in my top 20 cox we all knows he raps in Igbo language n only few pple undastand DAT language BT 4 olamide we knws in rap in Yoruba language BT pple wu doesn’t understand Yoruba in Nigeria are few even igbo n Hausa can understand wat he’s saying cox dy speaks Yoruba n understands it even more Dan some Yoruba native .. BT 4yorubas we don’t understand igbos n Hausa language Xo we don’t tink phyno can b d best rapper in 9ja BT he may b d best rapper from Igbo tribe .. tenkx .. long live olamide badoo long live citizens of Nigeria long live federal republic of nigeria

  24. u guy are talking nonsense phyno is d best than now and forever bcus he said after him d play they will be no other

  25. good afternoon pals! just want to let u all know that we are not here to choose who we love or cherish most but we are here to choose the best rapper in Nigeria rite now and for me phyno is d best and no doubt about that. thanks

  26. mehn u guyz should Stop the shit…. u guyz are screaming olamide Phyno vector mi reminisce etc ask ur self watz rap all about before ranking…

  27. look guys we are on the true fact u no wev hard phyno tracks there are some u dnt like. likwise olamide,reminice and ice prince but there is only one man i bet u guys go cheack out for his track his d hotest he have rhymes than ola phyno remi and ice hez name is ERIGGA baba hiz the BEST. THIZ LITTLE OF HIZ FREE STYLE. my love for music strong pass hausa perrum make una no misunderstand hu be the best rapper for dis rum if not una go soon asume yap.BABA U 2 MUCH

  28. com am gonna say dis once on a normal day. mode 9 is Nigerias best rapper followed by mi ,but right now d best rapper is phyno followed by olamide baddo den u can call ice prince reminisce,etc also rappers like yung6,vector,are coming up mi I don’t. no dis booty pple. are talking about evin dis erigga dat niggas are yaning about may b gud but does not deserv d title of Nigerias best rapper period.

  29. The Best is MI…… his verses, his hooks & style makes me feel Hip Hop is alive in this Nigerian Industry.

  30. Clinclin, you have just confirmed yourself to be the most stupid and the most foolish of all people. What do you know about Rap? Asking questions as if you know the meaning of what you are asking… You don’t deserve to be talking where real people are.. Don’t do as if you want to show off again… Rap is not your hubby, wanna be fellow coming to the game. ##haa, Olamide is ma guy, Ice prince is ma nigga, lil kesh is ma pappy. So what are you lil puppet,, MA dick sucker.. Fuck. #$!!!!

  31. When it comes to rap game in 9ja olamide is good, phyno is dope, ice prince is the dopes, the king the best is # mood 9 # yes shawn say so !!!!!!!

  32. Though all have talked well. But we all know theirs one out of all that u guys have mentioned. When we talk of fast,indigenous,slag,street,english rap,friendly,dope. He has all. Though all are trying but he surpass them his name oooollllaaaammmmiiiiddddeeee bbbbaaaaddddoooo in short olamide badoo

  33. Its a shame, majority of song listeners don’t have ears for good music or better still, what it takes one to be a good rapper…. We have couples of good rappers in naija n africa, while some are wrapper… Bt among d best, there’ll alwz be d very best… Pls, gve it up for African Number one rapper, Vector D Viper!!!


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