And the winner is… My Hip Hop World Awards 2010 Predictions & Analysis


The Hip Hop World Awards 2010 nominees have been announced and we’re officially in award season for the past year. The blogs and entertainment sites have been buzzing and fans have already started talking about who deserves what. As a huge fan of naija music this past year, I’m no different in trying to predict the winners and give my own analysis.

Below is the list of nominees, my picks, and why I chose that particular pick. Keep in mind that this is purely based on my opinion and what I noticed this past year. I didn’t take any poll, or do any major research or survey. I have no say in the final outcome of the awards and so I wont be influencing the winners.

With that being said,  let’s dive into my picks and analysis of each category.

Album of the year Nominees

Da Grin – C.E.O.
Wande Coal – Mushin to Mo-Hitts
Darey – Un-Darey-ted
P-Square – Danger
Bracket – Least Expected

My pick: Wande Coal – Mushin to Mo-Hitts

Why: This was a close one for me between Da Grin’s CEO and Wande Coal’s Mushin to Mo-hitts, but I have to go with Wande Coal on this one. Although, Da Grin’s work is solid, Wande Coal’s album is almost like a collection of smash hits after another. From You bad to taboo, bumper to bumper, ololufe, Se Na like this and Jehovah, the album is top to bottom a solid 4.5 stars. Not to mention he has the privilege of having on of the best producers (Don Jazzy) in naija lace his tracks. In addition, Wande Coal’s album crosses the borders of those that are not real hip hop heads.

Artiste of the year Nominees

Wande Coal
Terry G
Da Grin

My Pick: Da Grin

Why: This one was also pretty tough to decipher cos Terry G, Darey, and Bracket did their thing this past year, but it came down to Wande Coal and Da Grin on this one, and I’m going with Da Grin. The guy is oozing with lyrical flow power. I mean, what other rapper will make me feel like I understand what he is saying in Yoruba, when I clearly don’t. The guy’s lyrical talent in Yoruba is just down right amazing. Listen to Pon Pon Pon, and Kondo. Nuff said.

Song Of The Year Nominees

Yori Yori – Bracket
Kokoroko – Kefee
You Bad – Wande Coal
Free Madness pt2 – Terry G
Alanta – Art Quake

My Pick: Yori Yori

Why: Do I really have to explain this? The song just scattered the country. I was at a joint in Abuja when the DJ played this song, and everyone… I mean everyone (grown men, small boys, madams, ogas) got up and started feeling very lovey with themselves. Alanta was hot too, but I have to go with Yori Yori on this one. Even my momsy likes this song, and she thinks most of our new music is useless…lol I bet my grandma might even like the song sef. Maybe I should ask.

Recording of the year Nominees

Strong Ting – Banky W
I Love You – P-Square
Heaven Please – Timi feat. MI
Keeper of my dreams – Lara George

My Pick: Strong Ting – Banky W

Why: I was torn between P-Square’s I love you, and Strong Ting, but I give the nudge to Banky W for the originality on that track. From the moment the song starts, the tune just captivates you. Banky has never had issues delivering on vocals, and Cohbams did a heck of job producing the track. Hot track!!

Producer Of The Year Nominees

TY Mix
Don Jazzy
Dokta Frabz

My Pick: Cohbams

Why: This is my opinion is one of the tightest races. Dokta Frabz definitely laced some great tracks for Naeto C (Ako Mi Ti Poju), Omawunmi (Chocolata), and Da Grin (Thank God), so did Sossick (Everyday, Igboro – Da Grin). TY mix did his thing too, and it’s extremely difficult to ever argue against Don Jazzy (It’s Don Jazzy Again), but just from what I’ve heard this past year (which this award is based on) I have to go with Cohbams. He has done his thing for real, and did so without making too much noise about it. Maga No Need Pay, Power of Naija, Strong Ting, No Stars are just a few of the hot tracks he produced this past year.

Best Music Video Nominees

Danger – Psquare (Directed by Jude Okoye)
Kokoroko – Keffe (Directed by Wudi Awa)
The Finest – Knight House feat. Sauce Kid & Teeto (Directed by Clarence Peters)
Ako Mi Ti Poju – Naeto C (Directed Bobby Boulders)
Safe – MI (Directed by Mex)

My Pick: Kokoroko – Keffe

Why: Let me go ahead and say this first. I personally think the best video from last year is not on this nominee list, and that is Da Grin’s Pon Pon Pon. I’m not sure if it came out too late to be considered, but that video blew everything else out of the water.
Now on to my reason…lol. Why Kokoroko? Simple. It’s different and was simple. It was a refreshing video to watch, and was not meshed in the club, or having too much special effects. In my opinion sometimes the simplest things turn out best, and in this case I feel like keffe’s video did just that.

Best RnB Single Nominees

Strong Ting – Banky W
Never Felt A Love – Femi
I Love You – P Sqaure
No Stars – Darey Art Alade
Over Killing – Djinee

My Pick: Strong Ting – Banky W

Why: Great production, great vocals, and I give this an A for originality. First time I heard it, I knew that I hadn’t heard anything like it before.

Best Pop Single Nominees

Yori Yori – Bracket
You bad – Wande Coal
Kokoroko – Keffe
Danger – P Sqaure
Hotter Than Fire – Dr Pat & Sheyman

My pick: Yori Yori

Why: Do I need to explain this again? The song gave all of us lovers and wanna be lovers something to say in between like and love . i.e the babe dey do me Yori yori.

Best RnB/Pop Album Nominees

Wande Coal – Mushin To Mo-Hitts
P-Square – Danger
Bracket – Least Expected
Darey Art Alade – Un-Darey-Ted

Pick: Wande Coal – Mushin To Mo-Hitts

Why: Once again. This album is completely solid. If this category, didn’t have pop, I might have been swayed in a different direction, but RnB/Pop? Yeah. WCizzy got this covered.

Best Rap Single Nominees

Ako Mi Ti Poju – Naeto C
Owo Ati Swagger – Catiair
Finest – Knight House feat. Teeto & Sauce Kid
Sample Remix – Terry Tha Rapman
Somebody Wants To Die – MI feat. Ice Prince

My Pick: MI – Somebody wants to die

Why: I give MI a slight nudge over Naeto C on this one more cos of the hype surrounding the song, and the background “beef” that came with it. Now MI has said this was not a response to Iceberg Slim, but ummm… I think we know better, or at least we want to believe it is the case. Ako Mi Ti Poju is a really catchy tune, but MI’s track I have to say lyrically delivers on another level.

Best Rap Album Nominees

Da Grin – CEO
Ill Bliss – Dat Ibo Boy
Catiair – More Than Rap Music
Kel – The Investment

My Pick: Da Grin – CEO

Why: Pound for pound Da Grin is arguably the hottest rapper in naija at the moment, and his album speaks for itself. It’s really no comparison. With hits like Pon Pon Pon, Kondo, & Thank God, the album is far above the rest. Da Grin dey carry first these days man.

Lyricist of the Roll Nominees

MI – Somebody Wants To Die
Mode9 – Bad Man
OD – Got To Love Me
Pherowshuz – Sample Remix

My Pick: MI – Somebody wants to die

Why: Lyrical Depth across the board. Mode 9 is a very close second, but MI’s somebody want to die is is just blazing lyrically. MI is a master using his words. Sometimes I wonder if he has a dictionary in his head. “MI finito, Never be an equal, Never be a sequel, Such a huge ego” Side note: Is there a reason Da Grin was not on this list? Just saying.

Best Collaboration Nominees

Kokoroko – Keffe & Timaya
The Finest – Knight House feat. Sauce Kid & Teeto
Aye Po Gan – Ill Bliss & Terry G
Sample Remix – Terry Tha Rapman & Pherowshuz

My Pick: Kokoroko – Keffe & Timaya

Why: This was like a match made in musical heaven. Keffe and Timaya both have similar traditional styles, and the collabo just blended. Heck at some point in the video, you would think they were related sef. If this was best Hip Hop Collabo, I’d go with the Knight house joint cos that was pretty solid too.

Best Vocal Performance (Male) Nominees

Dare Art Alade – No Stars
Banky W – Strong Ting
Wande Coal – Bananas
GT The Guitarman – Kinimatise
Timi Dakolo – Heaven Please

Pick: Wande Coal – Bananas

Why: Wande vocally blew it out of the park on bananas. This category is tight though, and one can make a valid argument for Banky, Timi, Darey & GT The Guitarman, but I have to give it to Wande on this one, esp with that high pitch Mariah Carey like delivery.

Best Vocal Performance (Female) Nominees

Ibiyemi – Don’t Leave Me
Keffe – Kokoroko
Lara George – Keeper of my dreams
Waje – Kolo
Eva – No Cry

Pick: Ibiyemi

Why: Vocal performance wise with these nominees, Ibiyemi gets the nudge from me. The song “don’t leave me” is calm and soothing, and she delivers vocally on it. Probably the biggest female vocalist this past year is not even on the list. Yes, I mean Omawunmi. I mean… no disrespect to everyone else, but Omawunmi soooo did her thing in 2009. Oh well. With this list here, I go with Ibiyemi.

Best Street Hop Nominees

Free Madness pt 2 – Terry G
Igboro Ti Daru – Klever J
File Be – Jaywon
Alanta – Art Quake
One By One – Side One

My Pick: Alanta – Art Quake

Why: Any song that produces a dance that everyone does in the club is undoubtedly the biggest street hop for that year. Everybody just dey Alanta dey go for naija man. Hands down. Free Madness pt2 was another blazing joint, but it’s hard to choose anyone over “Gini gi Joo… Joo Joo Joo.. Open your hands like you wan fly away. Alanta Alanta Alanta… One Leg Up.” Ok… i already started dancing. Let me stop…lol.

Next Rated Nominees

General Pype – Champion
Mo Cheddah – If You Want Me
Jesse Jagz – Wetin Dey
D’Prince – Omoba
Skuki – Banger

My Pick: Jesse Jagz – Wetin Dey

Why: I wont even consider Jesse Jagz as rated next, but I guess he is just now breaking out as an artist. Wetin Dey blazed all over Naija clubs and radios last year, and so it’s only natural that this goes to Mr. Jaga Jaga. In addition the guy is a heck of a producer.

HipHop Revelation Of The Year Nominees

Wande Coal
Ill Bliss

My Pick: Wande Coal

Why: This is probably the toughest category cos in all honesty, everyone on this list made a big splash this past year, but once again it’s hard to against Mo-Hitts’ golden child, Wande Coal. The guy had the best year any artist could ask for. Hit after Hit after Hit.

Ok, I’m done. Feel free to drop a comment or two. Whether you agree or disagree, or you think I’m a genius or completely clueless…lol. Let’s hear it.


  1. The nominess are just rubbish. how do you not nominate da grin as best lyrical content for pon pon or banky's stong thing for best video because it was not shot by a Nigerian director or iceprince as next rated. but d'prince with his wack lyrics is there?…please can someone name one mo'chesse song for me..cos I have no idea!!! Where is Lami and MI's Know for best collaboration? . HHWA can go and jump of 3rd mainland bridge for all I care. Its really not that serious and from the lil inside politics I know, they are not very credible. so ya..waiting for the MAMA's….

    • Licious… Why are u using my analysis post to vent about the nominations?…lol. No be me nominate now…lol. I do agree, it's pretty flawed sha, but it is what it is… U can't please everyone.

  2. I liked the nominees and alot of your picks…yori yori was def a winner worldwide this year and Wande has been tearing up the charts with his hits. Banky's strong thiingis a hit for me too but i dont think it beats out any of wande's or p-suare's songs. I am surprised p-square didnt get as many rave reviews this year but I guess MoHitts is running things now. Good analysis though.

  3. Am sorry bros but me no agree wit ur best street hop wey u give artquake where d ginger d ginger,d swagger d swagger dey there? Haba dis dude bring about a new change 4 dance music,slang,beat and new style 4 upcoming acts for e.g in B-syde pple like franchise,maleke,just 2 mention a few cant help but copy dis MAD MAN..HE'S THE BEST.


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