Album Review: JahBless – OverGround | Track Pick – Tete Lo Bere [Download]


Listening to JahBless it’s pretty difficult to place him in one genre of music. On some joints, it’s traditional, on some others it’s reggae, and on a few it’s more african hip-hop. All this ends up being a positive since it displays  his versatility, and musical bravery.

JahBless dropped his album on the buzz of his mega-hit, Joor Oh Remix which caught the whole nation by surprise, for it’s creativity and largely heightened sense of humor. His previous single, The One which featured Banky W was also a successful hit, although  it was a significant amount of time ago.

The album starts off on a high note with Moving Fast, and gets you interested in listening to the rest of the album, and for the most part doesn’t disappoint. With other joints like “Bere Mo Le”, “Tete Lo Bere”, “Waving Flag” and “No One Knows.” Jah Bless does a great job of having catchy songs, and tunes that keep you nodding your head.

One interesting note: “Tete Lo Bere” is actually somewhat of a warning shot to artists. He warns other artistes on stealing songs, and shares some experiences of some shady things that have happened, and how his song was stolen from ID Cabasa’s studio. Definitely listen for that.

What I Like: I liked that JahBless tried a bunch of different sounds in this album. At no point did you feel like you just heard something similar on a previous track. Like I stated earlier, it shows his willingness to be adventurous with sounds, and not scared be a bit different. Another thing I liked about this album, was the fact that he didn’t flood it with a host of features. Too often, features drown out the artist’s personal sound, and makes it look like a “various artist” mixtape, but this is for the most part all Jah Bless with the exception of a few joints here and there.

What I Didn’t Like: Although the album is pretty adventurous, it can get a bit boring trying to listen from top to bottom at one go. Don’t get me wrong, there are some solid joint in there, but some other joints kind of dull your spirit, and can make you lose focus on what is actually solid piece of work.

Favorite Tracks: Joor Oh Remix, Moving Fast, The One, No One Knows, Layemi.

Grade: 7/10

Track Listen: Tete Lo Bere





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