Akon to record Official 2010 World Cup Anthem


World famous hip-hop/R&B artist, Akon, has been selected to record the official world cup 2010 anthem. The 2010 world cup is scheduled to be held in South Africa in the summer of 2010, and it would the first time ever the FIFA world cup will be held in Africa.

The Senegalese star has been approached by South African officials about the idea and is also expected to appear at the opening ceremony. In addition to recording the offical theme song for the world cup, Akon will also be the musical director in charge of the music at the opening and closing ceremonies.

“I will be overseeing the World Cup anthem and music at the ceremonies and I’m off to South Africa this week for meetings. I love soccer, so it’s a great honour”, said Akon.

With a good number of local South African artists with international fame or at least fame within the continent of Africa, this is a very interesting pick by the World Cup organizing committee.

On another note, when asked about David Beckham contributing musically to the world cup music, Akon replied “If David Beckham said he wanted to contribute musically, I’d advise him not to. He’d definitely be better off playing. It doesn’t work when athletes try to become musicians.” Ouch!!



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