Mr. P – For My Head


Here’s the official audio for Mr. P’s latest single titled “For My Head”. The single drops same day he celebrates his wedding anniversary.

Listen up.


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  1. Comment:listen to Rude Boy’s new release; Fire Fire and you’ll hear the breathy voice dexterity that makes Psquare instantly different from the first vocal line… “NA GOD DEY DO AM” FIRE FIRE…

  2. Comment:mr p and rude boy… u guys are good…
    Mr p ,I love ur dance,rudeboy,u got incredible voice. u guys re just amazing

  3. This is totally rubbish, I wasted my data to download this song… I can play Rudeboy’s two tracks “Fire Fire and Nkenjikeke for a whole day. I listened to some of your interviews and you said you are so talented so the floor is open, showcase your talents but this one is nonsense

  4. Comment: I wish they no separate with least them for dey feature themselves n still make great sound. but now they are sounding like good upcoming artistes. I still love u guys…
    but blood brothers suppose fit settle beef no matter how hard it is. I just need u together not just for music but as brothers from same dad n mum. common.

  5. Mr p ur songs ls dope nd ur dance moves wonderful but hope u both settle with rude-boy coz yu guys are better 2geda

  6. Stop the unnecessary comparison. Mr P is Mr P, Rude Boy is Rude Boy. PSquare is gone, I don’t think anybody is contesting who was what in a non-existent PSquare. Nice track Mr P

  7. Comment: u guys should stop all this your childish attitude and come back together as one,splitting doesn’t suit u guys

  8. Have been looking for this song after watching your birthday video and I really love this song keep it up cos we need more from you, you’re my man

  9. I really wish and pray for you guys to be back, deep inside your hearts I know you guys still wish to come back. Just put your enemies to shame because they are really enjoying your seperated ways and I know your late mother will be crying in the outside world. Mr p do something as the head. Nice music but nothing like psquare

  10. Comment:mr p we ned u guys to com back we are missing u guy,do not payback nay evil to ur brother…. a de miss u guys


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