Afro Candy – Ikebe Na Moni (Video)


Wow wow wow… well there’s no need to ask if this is banned in Nigeria cos I’m sure NBC is all over this one already. Talk about pushing the envelope… This one don tear the envelope finish. Interesting to say the least… “whether you get boyfriend, or you get husband. Ikebe na Moni.” Translation: Booty is money. Oh yeah… u probably shouldn’t watch this if u’re under 18 🙂

Judith Mazagwu aka AfroCandy who is a Nigerian Actress, Recording Artist, Song/Script Writer Indie. This video is from her album, My Love.

PS. I’m still not sure if i should tag this under humor cos it’s quite funny…LOL.

Message from Judith’s Facebook Status:

Guys, the message on this music is verry simple, Ladies shake am well well for your men, and I don’t care where u shake am….just do it well and stop complaining your men dont give you $$$$$$$. If you shake am well you will be lavished. I can see some people misunderstand the message. Well, take it as you like.


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  1. At first, I was like what the hell?? Then I passed it on to a couple of my guy friends…who after watching the video like twenty times, came back and said – good message, crass presentation. I love the message because seriously, women should be more in touch with their sexual power because we do have it.;….trust me! ;-).

    You are right – this isn't a video for some one under the age of 18….


    *singing Ikebe na moni as I log off this site….

  2. I like the fact that she is very confident in herself …however…I had to watch this video with caution before someone would think I was watching blue film….Funny enough I love the song…VERY EMPOWERING (did I just say that). But I think she would have gotten the message across in a classier way, the 99 cents G-string and fishnet stokings were just an apology sha…

  3. This is fascinating.. Between this and Jim Iyke's video, I'm not sure which one is the worst vid I've seen this past week. I mean… it's not like she was shaking this thing well sef

  4. ME = DEAD!!!!!!!! and pls wht is the mesage of the song…cos i feel like she is saying you should use your ass to make money????..

  5. I commend the woman on her energy.. at her old age she is still able to hang with young ashewo dancing moves..


  7. She is absolutely irresponsible.. Pls someone should let her know that there other things that worth more than just money.. she aint got it yet.. dignity: I pity her 2 daughters from 2 different fathers.

  8. This is pure reductionism; everything that is noble about women is slaughtered here. If this Owerri woman sincerely believes that she has made a good song, then let her feature her two daughters in her next video; and allow them to prove that they "can't waste their god's given bottom and would rather make money with it. This is simply silly. There are different dimesions of prostitution and body hawking is one; its not all about standing on the dark alleys; this is also one because there is no attempt at talent here. When i heard, "every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away", i thought it was brains and dimensia.

  9. i still cringe when i remember the video and the song.seriously i wish i can puke at this horrible and unappealing song and video…i cnt believe this 2 dollar whore would stoop so low to sing and make a video about whoring and demeaning women’s bodies.

  10. jesus christ! dis is soooo wrong! wat is dis world turnin in2 ooo? madam ikebe na monie…abeg go get a job, dis is pure nonsense. na ba force 2become star? na evrybody go sing? na wa o! abeg dis video shld b removed n banned, NBC where art thou???. arrant nonsense.. mtshewwwww

  11. Babe pls keep it up, this is what ave been expecting I love ur courage and ur foresight for me I’m ok with this, love u


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