7 Throw Back Tunes From Choc Boiz That We Absolutely Loved

choc boiz mi brymo ice prince and jesse jagz

In the midst of the new Choc Boiz Nation reunion we figured it’ll be a good time to reflect back check out some of the hot tunes from the golden chocolate city era that we absolutely loved. From Ice Prince to MI, Jesse Jagz to Brymo, and more. Once upon a time these cats were the hottest thing in the streets.

MI – Safe ft. Djinee (2008)

You can call this an MI introduction of some sorts. The way MI used hit songs at the time to compose his rhymes, and wordplay was the most exciting thing about the song. It wasn’t something you had heard done well before him. And who can forget the classic line to end it all “If you’ve ever heard a rap this fly, then it had to be done by another MI“.

Not many hip-hop fans can forget how they felt when they heard this song.


Jesse Jagz – Wetin Dey (2009)

Prior to this song, Jesse Jagz had already built a great reputation as an A-list producer, but this song took him from producer to talented artist, and all round musician. The way he composed the whole song was something simply majestic. The lyrics, chorus, and beat made this one an instant hit.

The extended version of this tune is orgasm for the ears for real.



MI – I’m Hot [Gbono Feli Feli Freestyle] (2009)

While this song (Dbanj – Gbono Feli Feli) was already blazing hot all over Nigeria, MI jumped on it, and gave it a whole new dimension. Lyrically it’s as good as anything you’ll ever hear from a Nigerian rapper. When you talk about someone murdering a beat, you put this right there as an example.


Jesse Jagz – Intoxicated ft. WizKid (2010)

Off his Jag Of All Trades album, Jesse Jagz gave us this tune that came with as serious of a beat as you can get. It almost doesn’t matter how you’re feeling this song is designed to get you dancing, and that it did. Teaming up with WizKid, that was getting hot at the time, was the perfect recipe to make this a hit. Like the same suggests, it’s really intoxicating. Still a jam till date.

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Ice Prince ft. Brymo – Oleku (2010)

We all knew Ice Prince. He had done a few features here and there, and was largely regarded as one of the most promising acts at the time. But I don’t think anyone really expected how huge his official first single, Oleku, would be. Saying the song blew is an understatement. It spread like a super infectious disease in just under a month. It’s arguably Chocolate City’s biggest hit till date, and it also introduced another Choc Boy artist – Brymo.


MI Abaga – One Naira ft. Waje (2010)

With this song, MI completely shifted gear with what many hip-hop acts were doing at the time. I mean putting out a pure love song was a serious left turn that ended up paying off big time. When you have bus conductors, house maids, and okada riders sing a hip-hop love tune, then you know you’ve done something special. It also introduced the masses to the wonderful singer, Waje. No need to tell you how that worked out.


Brymo – Good Morning (2012)

Many will call first for his first single under Chocolate City, Ara, but Good Morning is the tune from Brymo that has ever green written on it. In many ways, it was a bit of a predictor of how Brymo will continue to make music later in his career. Very smooth, calm, and just down right sexy. It’s a tune that you can play today with your bae, and you know it’s on and popping.



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