5 Things You Can Expect From Terry Tha Rapman’s World Domination Mixtape


Terry Tha Rapman is putting finishing touches to his mixtape, World Domination, and just like his last album BANS it’s slowly building momentum as the days go by.

A viral video from the tape will be released tomorrow, and soon after we get to receive some World Domination. Heavy Tings!

We had a quick chat with ThaRapman aka Joe Spazm, and here are 5 thing we can expect from the World Domination:

1. Its has the hottest viral videos ever on a nigerian mixtape. We get to see one of them on friday, and there’ll be many more as the World Domination unfolds.

2. Phero and Rapman goin toe to toe on Kush rmx. If you know Phero then you know why this is one track that you cant miss. You already know what Terry Tha Rapman can do.

3. Rapman’s Rack City remix called Lag City chick. Tyga’s Rack City beat will be violated in all manners by the Rapman.

4. It has remixes featuring the next most anticipated upcoming raPpers: Boogey and Blaqbonez. These 2 cats were the top 2 in Terry Tha Rapman’s Zombie beat contest and it’ll definitely be serious when you here these guys on the tape. Boogey is not messing around in 2012, and neither is Blaqbonez.

5. Black n Yellow rmx is dedicated to the official colors of d BANS tee. If you have a BANS teeshirt then look out for an official track dedicated to you. Boyz Are Not Smiling and neither are the Babes.




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