5 Nigerian Music Rising Stars You Should Get To Know


We’re in the middle of 2014, and with the tons and tons of music and artists out these days I’ve decided to sift out 5 of the rising stars that you should get to know before it’s too late. These are the artists that you might not know 100% yet, but should be on everyone’s radar because sooner or later they could be huge stars; They at least have the talent and potential to be huge stars.

Here goes:




When it comes to vocal abilities, there aren’t many that can top Simi. The singer/songwriter first came on the scene (on Jaguda.com) for real in 2012 with her single, Chocolate Brown, and it’s been steady progress since then. Her EP, Restless, a collection of great covers is one that will be appreciated long, long after she’s done with music. For now it does very well to showcase her amazing talent.

With the right branding, team and positive direction, there’s really no reason why Simi shouldn’t be a household name in the next couple of years.






When we initially featured Korede Bello in our bubbling under column in 2012, his music was still a bit crude, but even then you could tell the talent was there. Just barely 6 months after being signed by Don Jazzy to Mavin records he’s already one the major names fans recognize in the record label. A lot of credit goes to his outstanding verse in the hit single, Dorobucci that pretty much made everyone think he’s one of the main stars in the song. With the exception of Tiwa’s verse, Korede Bello had the best verse in the song, and that says a lot.

He’s already with the hottest producer in the game, and has the talent in him. You can expect to see a lot of him in the coming years. His style is unique and that’s what will keep him memorable.

*** African Princess





As you have Olamide for Yoruba flow, Phyno for Igbo flow, there’s Kheengz for the hausa angle. Is he the first rapper to rap in Hausa? Certainly not, but so far he’s been the most consistently good at it. But not to get it twisted he can switch it up to english on demand, but ever since his Aboki cover, everyone has loved him for the hausa angle he bring to hip-hop. Even putting some well known northern rappers to shame.

Kheengz is almost the finished product. The only thing left for him to blow is the right song to hit gold commercially, and once that happens, “the sky is the limit” will be an understatement. I mean just see how he damaged, Don Jazzy’s Yaro beat below.

*** Haba



Can Boogey take Hip-Hop in Nigeria to the promise land?
Can Boogey take Hip-Hop in Nigeria to the promise land?


Boogey is as good as they come when they comes to hip-hop in Nigeria. To some, he’s the best rapper in Nigeria right now, and to others he’s still a relative unknown ready to take the throne. As for me Boogey is right now one of the top 10 MCs in Nigeria when it comes to pure ability. The rest of the country just needs to realize it, and depending on the direction he wants to go, one major hit will be all it takes to get him to the astronomical heights he’s capable of getting to.

For the purists of hip-hop, you wont get anyone much purer than Boogey when it comes to serious lyrical work, flow and wordplay. If you don’t know, you should get to know ASAP.

*** Salute






Tonye might not have the catalog that the others on this list have, but the flashes we’ve seen from her has shown us that we have a lot to look forward to from her.

Her remake of the classic, Wait For Me, has made a lot of fans and people in the industry take serious notice of her and her abilities. She already has the right team on her side, and has been doing her ground work so I’m betting it won’t be long before we see her name all over the place. You might want to remember the name.


That’s all folks. Drop your comments and tell me who you think is an artist we should look out for.

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  1. On the money. Aribaba I can always trust you to put out some real ish when it comes to music. This is where you should be paying attention to, not all the other nonsense out there. Great list. I’d add Adaku to the list too sha

  2. KheenGz muna bayan ka,kill them all spatan.and when you get there Mx boiz prayed for you and will still pray…..LALA360

  3. Aribaba and everyone here I put it to you all, check Out deshinor new kid.. Boy wonder I tell you. Just google deshinor and get your minds blown away.. Shikenan

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  5. Nice list especially with simi and boogey, but you are missing out guys like Tesh carter, steve rock ,lil kesh and that guy that sang rands and naira

  6. I feel like you put this Tonye girl cos you know her. Like who is she though, and no one knows any of her songs


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