30,000 Sold In 30 Minutes? Dejavu On MI’s Chairman Album


If you remember about 6 years ago, MI Abaga released his debut album, Talk About It, and word had it that his album sold out immediately with a record 30,000 units selling in 30 minutes in market. That prompted the line in his I’m Hot freestyle, “30,000 sold in 30 minutes, shit”.

Looks like we might be looking at a repeat, as MI posted on instagram a few days ago that he’s sold 10,000 pre-order units of his soon to be released, Chairman album, to one client. Now that’s 10,000 in about a minute yea? Did MI potentially break his own record?

MI’s Chairman album drops on October 30th, 2014. Fans have been waiting for it. Now we just need it to live up to the billing.

mi-chairman-album-sales mi-chairman-album

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