2face Idibia – Only Me


2face Idibia has dropped the video for “Only Me” one of the new tracks of the International Edition of Unstoppable Album. This Video was directed by Clarence Peters.



  1. HE IS THE BEST WE KNOW! talk about melody, tone color, vocals, multi-genre, yarwn,lyrics, dizz, philosophy, soul conscious music, collabo,… it's unfortunate if the media has been his enemy because of some bam-bam-bim-bim artiste–or what? his first success was leaving Kennis music( they have nothing to offer us order than heap money from the unwary nigerian youth–10ks ruggedy). let's all support him to complete his God-sent mission in naija–to showcase our music wrath to the whole world. i won't be surprised if he doesn't win any local award this year. he's had enough anyway(like pac, r.kelly.) Tu baba joo, keep it up! hoping for a duet with you, and my regards to lil' nei and co.

  2. 2face this is a nice song i like it because am also a young start trying to come up to your level haha 2 baba noting do you


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