10 Things I Love About Naija – Naija Party w/ 9ja Music [pt 5]

Even Colin Powell parties with Nigerias now...lol
Even Colin Powell parties with Nigerians now...lol

Once again I’m back with part 5 of my series, 10 things I love about Naija. Well for part 5 I originally was going to write about Naija parties, but then I realized you can’t have a real Naija party without naija music, and so I decided to combine both… sort of. So here goes; Another thing I love about Naija is “Naija Partying with Naija music.”

For those that grew up Naija (apologies to those that didn’t), who remembers those 10-Year old birthday parties (or 1-year old for that matter) that we all used to attend? We would all wear our extra-colorful clothes, and have dancing competitions where we would compete for bags of treats that had all our favorite sweets – Chocomilo, Tom Tom, Eclairs, etc. My favorite competition was “Chair Dance” or Musical Chairs as yankee people dey call am. Chair dance was some serious competition. Folks were quick to bounce you off that seat for that bag of Eclairs. Those were the days of Ras Kimono, Onyeka Onwenu, Alex O, Felix Liberty, and Evi Edna Ogholi (see video below). These folks’ songs were played constantly at any birthday party you attended… ahhh… the memories.

As we got older, and started hitting puberty, dancing around with little children around chairs was no longer the thing to do. We’ve hit secondary school, and boys have started liking girls,and vice versa. We all dropped the colorful dresses, threw away the flowery christmas shirts, and started hating matching with our siblings all of a sudden. We are “grown.” Of course with being grown comes new partying style. Now we’re dancing with the opposite sex (no grinding), and learning the latest dance steps (flex, butterfly & co) to display to all our peers. Although there wasn’t a huge amount of memorable naija jamz from then, cos we all danced to Tupac, Biggie, SWV, Patra, Mark Morrison (every naija person then loved his song), TLC, Puffy, etc,  there were still some naija jamz that peeps would dance to at parties sometimes. Those days we had people like Daddy Showkey (see below), Junior & Pretty, Alex Zitto, Tony One Week. Pasuma Wonder, Baba Fryo etc make their appearance into the naija music scene. By the way, my goodness Daddy Showkey was razz… whoever said Razz is the new Cool definitely hasn’t seen how razz Daddy Showkey was. Chei!! I still love it though…lol.

In the past 5-7 years, Naija music has completely blown up and at a typical Naija Party you’d barely hear any American jam. 60% naija music, 20% general African, and 20% other. If you don’t like it, then you can go to Club Love…I’m sure you’ll hear “Stanky Leg” there enough times…lol. It’s like there is enough Nigerian music now to have 3 parties over without having to repeat one song. The likes of Dbanj, 2face, P-square, Wande Coal, MI, Naeto C, Eldee, Flavor, DJ Zeez, Olu Maintain, Styl-Plus, Faze, etc have made this period one of the best times to be partying at naija party. You could be sitting at a party, dulling yourself, and all of a sudden you hear “Don’t get it twisted, Love is a beautiful thing… Don Jazzy again.” Your blood just goes up to 40 degrees celsius, and Boom!!!… You’re on the dance floor sweet potatoing and being someone’s sugar banana. What is sweeter than partying to music from your own people that is top quality, and culturally grounded? Not too many things I tell you. Naija partying for a good number of people these days is not even about impressing anyone, chasing babes, doing efizzy, or anything like that. It’s about having fun and celebrating life. If you want to toast babes, you’re allowed… pop bottles? u’re allowed… flirt with one fine boy? It’s allowed…. Dance like you’re possessed? It’s allowed…. It’s all allowed. Heck i’m about to listen to Dbanj now sef… Join me please 🙂

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So there you have it. Another thing(s) I love about Naija. Where would I be without my Naija Music… Chei! I don’t even want to know. Sometimes I feel like if I ever have to come back to this world in another life, I’d rather not come back at all than to come back as a non-Nigerian. The song below is one of the classics when it come to Naija partying… This song is one of the few songs I know that will make 7 year olds, and 77 year olds be on the dance floor at the same time. Naija Kwenu!!


  1. I love you for this soong…."Oooh Yee, I wish you happy birthday"; that was the song I danced to on my 10th birthday…holla at me for the real dance…..LOL

    Awwww….now I have tears in my eyes…good old days….

  2. yes i remeber the days of 'aunty-gimme-cake' dresses, and butterfly dance, and don't forget creep walk….lol


  3. I definitely agree with everything you wrote in #5!!! Brought back a lot of memories and i still love all the music (old and new). Especially love that we don’t depend on US for our entertainment anymore, hope we keep it up for future generations… Loved this one though.
    PS – Yes!!! Daddy showkey was so razz! I still loved him though.

  4. True.. ain't no party like a naija party man. You 4got Alex o..

    I takes sometime to bubble and shuffle

    after all you hustle and bustle… and every body wan celebrate but no body wan talk im age.. If you just go ask a lagos mama say how many years she dey celebrate….!! LOL

    Anybody who did not know that rap back in the day was sooo not a bubbler. lol nice article.

    • Nah… I didn't forget him o…How can I forget Alex 0?… the baba of shuffle rap and dance…lol. It's there in the article. Read again 🙂

  5. Dang! I rememeber aunty gimmie cake dresses man! I love how songs from old also have Nigerian versions coz we never knew the exact lyrics, like "who sha hu na tell me sha tell me shallandastore tell me who the blue drop" loool Now that I know the lyrics I cringe man! Great Job Ari! Loves it!

    • LWKMD @ naija versions of song not knowing the exact lyrics, me & my friend were just talking and laughing about that not too long ago! "who sha who na who shallandstore tell who sha who get the blue drop who du ska ska who know the know the gen du du ska"… i'm sorry just had to provide an extended version… too funny

    • Ms LoloBloggs, you're more than welcome.. please believe when my birthday comes along I'll be playing Evi Edna Ogholi… Might even have a chair dance competition for those interested. lol

  6. Thank you so much for this article! talk about back in the day memories!! yeah we went from our "aunty, gimme cake, i'm dancing" parties to "secondary school hip-hop parties" remember the classic birthday song at all 10-yr old parties "ooooh yea, i wish you happy birthday" and the DJs always have the same songs in rotation at those parties…

  7. I remember going to Nigeria for the first time in 2005 and getting my first dose of african music, mayn…I was hooked. That damn dbanj had me with that "why me" song. no, wait…it was 2face i first heard, i think…anyway! regardless of who i first heard, i know listen to them all, love them all, and i am currently working on learning ALL the dance moves too! i remember these fine, fine nigerian brothers who all laughed and danced with me as they tried to teach me how to "yahoo-zee" (did i spell that rite?) when my cuzins took me to the club for the first time in nigeria. Naija ppl can party, yo!


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