Tonto Dike Naked In “Stripper In Love”?


The buzz is already kind of going crazy. Tonto Dike is set to feature in another pretty risque movie, “Strippers In Love” which is yet to be released but is already creating a crazy amount of buzz.

According to, “A scene in the movie captures Tonto, in a naked dance with a male-actor who is equally half-nude, and caught carried away in the pleasures of the dance. She perches on the actor’s ‘time-bomb’ in a manner that left much to be desired. The act is much more than a make-believe.”

If you remember, Tonto Dike got a lot of attention from a similar role in Dirty Secret.

Some have already dubbed the film as Soft Porn. Interesting tings for sure.

‘Strippers in Love’ is being produced by Divine Touch Productions Limited.

Source: VanguardNGR


  1. "stripper" or "striper"……………smh………i'll be praying for nollywood to have new ideas….it's pretty obvious that even after 20 years ,they will not be able to produce a movie like fast five or harry potter.

    • u dey slow sha……….and how long did it take hollywood to be able to produce films like fast Five and Harry Potter?………it's people like u that dont do their research and compare an infant with an adult. It's like comparing Nigeria, a 50 year old country with America a country that's way over 200 years old……get a clue dude.

  2. there is no big deal in tonto dikeh naked.. leave her alone shes tryna make her money.. if it was "hollywood" that they always show naked person in their movies shey u ppl will complain ni?

  3. You know what cream its because of people like you that dnt support Nigerian movies. When did Hollywood start compared to now, go back and watch the first jaw movie and compare it to movies these days, Nollywood just started and we have a long while to get there. Hollywood has been here for more than 100yrs do the math. What u need to do is support our movies so one day we will reach harry potter standards

  4. U guys should leave the sexy girl alone,she is just trying to be professional,after all everybody is entitled to his or her own life stye, ethics & principles.Nobody holy pass and nobody is a saint.mind ur words and languages.

  5. U no wat, i fil ur swags nd i want u 2 stop ur naked desire ,i no dars wat is freekn’g u,i luv u as i luv nadia buari a ghanian actress,u re seln’g ur fuckn’g body,try 2 put a stop 2 it.D MOST WANTED.

  6. what you see outside is not the person but what is inside is the person, so allow Tonto to make herself a professional in her field , and you pple should locate your talent, she is good

  7. nigas i love tonto dikeh i will like her to come at my place for friendly chart please for numbers heres my numbers

  8. You look real sexy tonto. That's what it take to be professional. You are good baby girl. Forget all this people making noise about you. I think you are sexy and exceptional..i

  9. well i dont like her, even if she act like a whore, that will not make her the world best star. So guys lets talk some sense into her. What is going on in Nigeria, people can no longer watch movie with children in their homes without holding the remote control to yourself so that you will be able to forward every sex scene from the view of children at home. Why!!!!

  10. Na wao..NIGERIAN’S…make una leave ha alone…nt can change ha mind nt even our comments…let ha do wat she tinks is right…nd she also will carry ha own cross…løve u toton.

  11. Doz of una may dey castigate tonto dikeh for going nude, I dey veri sure say una get mojo 4 una fone. Leave tonto alone she’s tryn to b professional n y una no complain of naked scene for hollywood eh!


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