Photos: Check Out Rukky Sanda’s Experience With The Dentist And Her Shopping Galore


Rukky Sanda visited the dentist recently to remove her tooth and the pain was something else.. well the young Diva and a lover of flashy and luxurious things decided to spoil her self silly with shopping just to kill the thought of the pain she passed through lols…she said:

“#GettingBetter The Medusa Just Brightened Up My Day… #Versace…Best Therapy 4 Recovery… LOL! Can i show u guys a pic of my wisdom tooth? rotfl. Tz so bloody*** who knew our teeth had like 3 sort of like branches inside, so long*** Ewww!!! I think d pic is too bloody and gross for instagram but i really wanna show it off*** Hahaahaaaaa…am crazy!!! I know! Err1 on my bb experienced d horror. Lol! i loved there priceless Ewwws!!! & Expression… Lagos in a min*** kiss me.”



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