9 Annoying but Funny Things We Hate and Love About Nollywood


When it comes to Nollywood, there are a lot of things we love about the movies. For 1 the storylines are always very fascinating and relatable, but there are also the numerous thing we love to hate about Nollywood movies.

Here are a few of them.

The same bad soundtracks and background music



You can’t have a good yoruba movie without epic subtitles. yoruba-movie-subtitles


Juju & Occultist activities

I mean where would nollywood be without Juju in it? LIVING IN BONDAGE


Romantic Scenes

Whether it’s kissing, or seduction, Nollywood takes the cake in this dept. Unlike any other. No annoying yet so addictive and funny


Special Effects

Nollywood special effects. Oh Boy!



Excessive dramatics

Nigerians are already excessively dramatic, and nollywood more than does enough to showcase that and even exaggerate it.


Fake foreign accents

*face palm* Anyone who plays the roles of “just coming from abroad” ends up just making us wish we never go outside Nigeria.


Classic Facial Expressions






Movie Titles

I always sit back and think. Who the F comes up with these movie titles?





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