Movie Trailer: Somewhere In Africa


Every now and then, some movies from africa get away from the “Juju” themes or “Sex Sex Sex” and actually tell a story of things that hit home. Somewhere In Africa is one of those. It’s a ghanaian movie by Raj Films.

The movie highlights the story of a military ruler, and his ruthless dictatorship, and crimes against humanity. I’m sure most of us can definitely relate.

Majid Michael, Martha Ankoma, and Roselyn Ngissah all star in the movie.

Check out the trailer, and definitely go see this when it’s released.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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  1. Really sick of these kind of films about Africa! Just feeding into the white man"s hype about how he wants us to see ourselves… diseased, filled with strife, famine and war! What about laughter, dance, beauty? I aint buying that crap!

    • There is nothing wrong with films like these because scenes like these go on in africa everyday. If you think that we are feeding into white stereotype or hype you are not being serious……Everything is not buying into whiteman's hype…checkout "Nowhere in africa" a film about real-life events in africa. Educate yourself…..i know you want good for africa but there are alot that can come out of bad situations. Buy it watch it and see whats all about the you can comment and people will respect you for that. You can not comment if you do not know whats all about. Do not question the menu untill you are served.

  2. These Ghanian producers should start identifying their movies with some logo, or something, cos when they produce $h!7 it falls on Nollywood…. damn . . .

  3. Well first of all so Ghanaians didn't get the gun scene right either? Na wa o. Is it that hard to make a gun shot look real?
    I think people should stop saying Africa now sef n start mentioning their country's name when they say or do stuff. For example, when hotel Rwanda came out, we saw it, it enlightened us and people knew it happened in Rwanda. somewhere in Africa is too vague and it misrepresents the continent.

    What are we supposed to take away from this movie?? UNICEF, BBC n others have done a good job promoting this side of Africa. Now i'm not saying the movie is not good but it's not really telling us anything new that hasn't been done before.

    i still can't get over the gun scenes. I repeat, how hard is it to make guns going off look real? does it have to show fire at the tip?

    They did a documentary at my school and asked people to say three words that comes to mind when they think of Africa. All the non-Africans said negative things like lion king, jungle, poverty, AIDS, water, genocide..i was so pissed mehn. Africa has more to offfer than that.

    I like that they are trying something different so kudos to them for that and i'm sure they worked hard on it i just wish they would be inspired to tell the untold story of Africa.

    • Then do everyone a favor and write it …tell the untold story of Africa…or help someone do it. That way it will be done even better. Its a good idea, no?

  4. Why do we africans have to copy everything the western world do….."Nowhere in afarica" now "somewhere in africa"…….sounds like a copy to me…..African directors be authentic and use your own imaginations, stop rushing movies….think about your script well brfore you shoot. plagurisation is a crime. All that Beyonce and ciara stuff …must stop in order to get credibility for your films. Use african names …..africans are not named beyonce and ciara ……..beware of copyright people. You can not go after bootleggers while you bootleg peoples name in your films…….stop the craps.

  5. The movie is good for GH standards but, it lack originality! Scenes from hotel rwanda and Sarafina were stolen! Why cant Ghana come up with something they thought of themselves! I rate this movie 4/10


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