Spotlite: A One On One Exclusive Interview With Nollywood Actor, Alexx Ekubo


When I first contacted Alexx Ekubo for this interview, it turned  into a very long and interesting conversation that ended without any conclusive decision of the day the interview should be held. To say the least, I was very impressed by his friendliness.

To say this actor/model is arrogant, as portrayed a lot by the media is far from the truth. Polished is the word best used to describe him. From his good looks to his good mannered nature. To say otherwise will be false, despite my numerous attempts to interview him even when on location he was still nice and soft spoken.

The Abia state born actor/model rose to fame after coming out as the first runner-up in the Mr Nigeria contest and has since been a regular face on our red carpets and fast climbing into our screens and already in our hearts.

Finally I settled to have a little chat with him..

So Who is Alexx Ekubo?

Alexx is a regular kid, a boy with a dream and ambition who believes he will make it

When did you start acting & modelling professionally?

I did a few acting gigs prior but in 2010 I decided to push further and here I am.

You have a law degree from University of Calabar?

A diploma in Mass Communication from Calabar Poly and a Law degree from University of Calabar.

Do you plan to go to Law School?

Yes I do.

Why did u choose to study Law?

It has always been what I wanted, never been good in maths and science.

So absolutely no pressure to study Law then? No.

How many films have you done so far?

Ladies men, True Citizen, In the Cupboard, Dreamwalker, Weekend Getaway, Lovelorn and more.

You are always looking polished and wonderfully dressed in traditional attires.

Yes o! I’m pro Nigeria. I believe in Nigerian Designers & their creativity, their taking fashion to a whole new level, so I love to promote them whenever I can,  some Nigerian designers I’m always wearing include  Jalex Creations (my mum’s), Yomi Casual, Taryor Gabriels, Rikaoto Couture, Mai Atafo, U’godern, Thots On tees. Proudly Nigerian.

What motivates you everyday?

My family and Jesus. I like to be focused and never forget where I am from. I am surrounded by positive  friends and family so they keep me grounded.

What are you working on now?

Just finished shooting a new sitcom – situation comedy called AY’s crib. I play JayJay and its produced by comedian AY. Should start airing soon.

Are you single?


What’s your ideal lady?

A lady that is intelligent, sensitive, good-looking,  sense of humor, God fearing, loving.

When you are not working, what do you do for fun?

I am pretty much a laid back dude, I relax, get enough sleep, watch movies, chill with my family, have a drink with friends..very spiritual person so I also like to refresh myself spiritually.

How do you handle the false rumors and stories thrown at you?

The entertainment industry is a funny place and it is important to never lose oneself, you meet a lot of fake people, people create fake scenarios to sell a story or even a PR stunt, I try to stay true to myself, maintain my values and essence.

You always look polished and fit, do you have a routine to achieve that look?

Funny enough I exercise but not everyday. Am just the typical guy shower and dress up. (He goes ahead to crack a joke) You know how you buy juice and they say, its 100% natural well that’s me, naturally endowed.

What should we expect from you in the future?

I have more movies to be released and should be on the look outs for them.
Work more on a brand and leave a print. I want to be remembered that Alexx Ekubo did this or that and I will never forget him. To make a huge impact in peoples lives.

What was it like working on the set of ‘In the Cupboard’?

It was great. Working with Desmond, as an actor and director he understands both sides and is able to navigate you properly. He is a great person. Ini is a lovely person, she encouraged the younger actors and helped them, we had a laugh. Uti is a close friend and we were able to adapt into the work mode. Altogether it was a lovely experience.

Are there negative perks in your career?

People always ask that..but then which career doesn’t have its negative perks, even working in a bank does have its negative perks. You know some peope don’t think acting is a positive choice of career because it exposes you to different aspects of life but then am thankful for what I have and what I am. So definitely no negative perks for me.

How do people reach you?

I have a strong online presence, I try to always interact with people, respond and reply as soon as possible. I have pages on facebook and,

Thank you for your time, after the long chase. I wish you the best in your career and life.

Thank you too.

Alexx Ekubo has been  nominated for three major awards, 2 BON  Awards (Best Of Nollywood) as a Supporting Actor  for the movie In The Cupboard and Most Promising  Male Actor and 1 GIAMA (Golden Icon Academy Movie Award) in Houston America on October 20th 2012 for Best Supporting Actor In The Cupboard.

Meanwhile if you haven’t seen the movie, it is showing any cinema in your city.







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