Henrietta Kosoko Grants First Interview After Being Involved In A Ghastly Motor Accident


Henrietta Kosoko the wife of the popular and funny Nollywood Actor Jude Kosoko was recently involved in an accident along Sagamu-Abeokuta road that she almost her life. In an interview with Encomium Magazine, she reveals the whole scenario and how she is grateful to God for sparing her life. This happens to be the first interview she granted after the fatal accident. Read below

“I went to Abeokuta for TAMPPAN national meeting on Thursday. I decided to stay over because my friend who was having a remembrance for her husband. I left Abeokuta around past 11am the following day. I got to a place they call Kobape. I was about climbing a bump when I noticed that the car brake was faulty. When I couldn’t find a solution to it, I had to look for where to hit, so I ran into the bush. That was all I could remember. I woke up in the hospital.
“I did a check up before I traveled. I serviced the car. I took the car to Ladipo a few days before I traveled and changed some parts. I even took it to the filling station for brake oil. The car was sound, it didn’t give any faulty sign at all. This has taught me a lot. One of them is never to travel alone. I thank God for saving my life.”

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