They had delayed take-off and the passenger filled plane was abuzz with chatter and you couldn’t blame them, the flight had already been delayed for three hours before and children kept wailing and parents were frustrated and others were just plain tired and so they were not very happy to be hearing that take off was to be delayed another few minutes even if it was Obama himself that they were being delayed off. It wasn’t Obama of course, it was Major Lt Gabby Smith, and as she walked in, in full uniform, you could literally see the anger dissipate from everyone, smiles formed, for some even tears, others clapped. She was a very beautiful woman, and as she said thank you, you could see the joy in her eyes, she was really grateful to be going home.

She sat infront of me, that’s how i knew her name as she introduced herself to the old lady that sat besides her and i eavesdropped as she told her about her two tours at war, how she was finally coming back home to be with her little boy who was now 6, and how she loved her husband and couldn’t wait to be with him, support him like he had been doing and have another baby, he wanted a girl. I listened to her story until I slept off, the flight from hawaii to Houston was a long one, and my week had been all too stressful, I needed the rest. Eventually though we were at Houston, the entire plane happy to have gotten back to land. No one more happy than Lt Gabby Smith, I bet. We all proceeded to get our bags and I watched as her little boy ran and jumped on her as soon as he saw his mom, and what appeared to be a town of people behind him, holding up a big “welcome home” sign. Again everyone had tears in their eyes, a few people clapped, it was a beautiful sight to see as her husband approached her also and kissed her deeply.

I found myself standing beside her as we waited to get our bags. She held her son Jamie tightly, as he chattered away excitedly, telling her about school, and his neighbors and grandma and when you thought he was going to be done he said “mummy I’m so glad you are back, I don’t like all the different woman daddy brings home, they sleep on your bed. I told daddy I don’t like it”. This time Gabby was the one with tears in her eyes and so much pain, and I could see that right there she had been broken, in ways the war had never broken her.

That was a dream, a few nights ago. The entire thing as I described it. I have often said that if I remembered my dreams, I would be rich from all the books I could have written and scripts for movies. But I digress.

This story  talks about the controversial topic of cheating. Controversial for me i should say, because some of you might think its clear cut, but I find that I don’t know what I think or believe about cheating. The very first man that cheated on me, I called at 4am in the morning when I found out and cursed the hell out of him and we never spoke again. I promised myself to never fight with a man like that ever again, I haven’t. The next man that cheated on me, I cried for all of 10mins and that was that, life continued like it never happened, I never thought about it, I never used it against him, nothing.

As a Nigerian girl, I have heard it from everyone and I mean everyone that all men will cheat, like my uncle says “ko si okunrin kan ti o kin se omo”. I had this same conversation with someone a couple days ago and she actually linked it to the bible and said “David who was Gods very own heart cheated so what can we say?”, that  was a first for me. I talk to  my best friend and she’s so resigned to the fact that her man will cheat on her ” show me one man that we know, that has not cheated once” she says.

I’m not asking you to discuss cheating, I think the issue is over flogged and at the end of the day, each girl will have to make her own decision about how she wants to deal with it. I like to think that if you love the man you stay and if you don’t you leave, it might just be that simple. Whatever the case, I think you just have to make sure you are happy, that part I believe is simple, or you can just be like me, stay single till you are 30, adopt/have a bunch of kids and live happily ever after.

“single in every continent”

Image: http://hellobeautiful.com


  1. Interesting dream. You should start writing short stories around dreams you have.
    I am a believer that we are habitual line steppers. Cheating doesn't come out of thin air. We either get into people we don't really know or miss very important changes in them. I don't believe all men cheat. That's my 2 kobo.

  2. All men cheats…including my grand dads, dad, uncles, & cousins! How each women have dealt with the act is completely different from one another. A single lifestyle with bunch of kids sounds like the bittersweet alternative to the betrayal of cheating/affair. 🙂


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