The Night Before


You all watched Sex and the City, the Movie right? Of course you did. I mean, why wouldn’t you have? For those of you then who might not have, I’m fast forwarding real quick to the get to the scene where Carrie and Big have a rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding, and after that, the girls (Carrie, Samantha , Charlotte and Miranda) go over to Charlotte’s house to have the night before slumber party. Pause.I’ve seen that scene in a lot of movies and I’ve read them in books, and I never thought anything of it, but lately, I’ve found myself talking a lot about marriage. I guess I’m at that age where that’s what we all (guys and girls) talk about, and even though I don’t think I’m going to get married, I find myself thinking about the details. My dress, my bridal party, the reception, wedding colors, the play-list, the wedding night and the honeymoon. Especially the honeymoon, but I never really thought about how I might spend the day before or the night before, until I watched Sex and The City earlier today and thought to myself “what would I do?”

I definitely wouldn’t want to do a rehearsal dinner the night before. Could we do that like, a week before? Ideally that will be the last night I see my husband to be before the wedding. You know, spend some time apart before the big day. The day before, I think, would be spent with the most important people in my life; my mum, my dad, my siblings, my best friend and whomever else I consider important at the time. It would include a massage, a manicure and pedicure, full body wax, getting my hair done and probably end with me having dinner alone in some hotel room. I would probably spend a couple of minutes on the phone with the said husband to be, and a long amount of time talking to God and praying about my marriage and future and then sleep for at least 10 hours.

That’s what I think I would do if I was to ever get married (chances are 0 to none on that count, by the way).

I want to know what you might do the night before. How would you spend your last night of freedom before marriage? I have no clue what men do, so if you are a male and reading this what would you do? And if you are married, what did you do?

I came up with a list so please feel free to just pick one, or if you have something else to add, please share.

  1. Slumber party with your bridal party
  2. Spend the night with your mom
  3. Spend the night with your dad
  4. Alone
  5. Clubbing
  6. With husband to be
  7. With wife to be
  8. Strip Club
  9. With best friend
  10. At Church
  11. At Work
  12. On the phone with husband to be
Looking forward to seeing all your responses very soon.



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