The Manly Assortment : THE CONNOISSEUR



During my twenty-six years I’ve been toasted by a variety of men. Even now I get a surprising range – from pre-teens (here I hold my head) to older men on their last leg looking for that young “side-kick”. Taking in their personalities and mannerisms I have noticed patterns that create what I call “The Manly Assortment”.

One morsel I find particularly interesting is covered in smooth extra dark chocolate. Sculpted in hard and clean lines till you bite into it and find a warm caramel center with surprise chunks of hard macadamia nuts.

He is called The Connoisseur.

The Connoisseur can be easily mistaken for a player. Like a player he’s known and been with many women. However unlike a player his motives are not so base and shallow. A player is in it for the game for the kill. The Connoisseur takes it as a learning experience. His appreciation for women can be seen as almost intellectual. Like a connoisseur he knows many varieties, has tasted, smelled and broken down the complexities of each knew flavour he’s acquired. I liken it to when I obsessed over bread. Once I tasted one I never forgot it. The smell, texture, and flavour never left me. I loved finding new kinds to add to my repertoire, as does The Connoisseur. Later in his own private moments he brings them out reflecting on memorable moments he had with each and what had drawn him to them. If he considers them conquests or more I am not so sure myself. The guy is a bit of a mystery and you can never really know everything about him mostly because he does not know himself. He desires love but may not trust that one woman can satisfy all his needs or at least 88.9% of them. The older he gets the larger his repertoire grows and the larger it grows the pickier he becomes. Duplicates and variants are not allowed in his collection. Sadly the dearth of his repertoire that he has painstakingly accumulated may be his own undoing. With a deep sigh The Connoisseur continues his search.

I caution ladies whom come across The Connoisseur. If you yourself are a connoisseur and would appreciate what he offers and not regret what he does not… then enjoy. Enjoy while you can but remember you could also become a crystallized memory. Joining his collection, to be brought out later for reflection.


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  1. ok, i can't be the only one who thinks this is dumb. "Connoiseur", for real??? One woman's connoisseur is another woman's good for nothing player soon to be baby daddy. The motive is the same, sex. Good write up, though lol

    • Thank you… i guess? lol. In my article I spend some time explaining that The Connoisseur and a player are different in that their motives are NOT the same. Nor are they the same in the way they deal or experience their interactions with women. The player cant be dressed up for more than he really is. He really is just out for the kill. He may have his "excuses" but we all know what the game is. The Connoisseur is like any of us trying to find love. Looking for the one that can satisfy all his needs. However his process is flawed. He goes about it as an intellectual and not fully as a man. @Gidiss is right in relating him to a wine taster. Like a wine taster the more you taste the more refined your tastes become. The most dangerous thing about this guy for the ladies is that he can make you feel as if you're IT – the love of his life. Whereas he’s just being in the moment. For now its you… next march it could be someone else. BUT for that time his emotions are true. Which can get confusing for many women.

  2. Stop opening my yansh in public. Any further write ups on me and you'll be hearing from my lawyer (who happens to be one of my past memories).
    Thank you

  3. so true as i can relate. It all begins with having an ideal girl and then realising that she is flawed and so you search for balances in other type of girls. However that reveals other flaws that you cannot trade off. Perfection is a mirage and you will become lost until you either run out of time or you meet the girl that can 'call' you out on your crimes. Good luck hunting. My search continues.

  4. Couldnt have been written any better……
    So so true…..
    What we crave for the most eludes us 90% of the time, in the quest for the perfection we may lose everything good and bad we ever had….
    Great write up…..


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