So What My Bestfriend Is Of The Opposite Sex..!


Back in the day when we were little kids, girls especially, we were always thought to stay away from the opposite sex (boys). We were made to believe that they were bad, or once we saw our period, we were told not to let a boy touch us else we’d get pregnant (which in my view was pretty lame) but we believed it anyway as a result of how naive we were.

There were also times where we were told that there is no friendship between a boy and a girl. Now, times have changed, so have views on different things, thanks to globalization and what not. Now it’s a normal thing to have a ‘guy’ friend. It all over the world, though we still have some parent who still live in the Stone Age.

The question here at the moment is, “Is it okay to have the opposite sex as a Best friend ?” What do you think? What’s your view? Not to cloud the judgement of anyone but personally I think it is, for reasons I’ve pondered on and have come to a conclusion.

I for one have a best fried whose a dude ( cos I’m a girl ) and I don’t think I’d want to replace him with anyone much less a female. When you have the opposite sex as a best friend they tend to understand you better, give you advises based on their on views and not be biased about it.

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Take a girl for example who is going through a nasty break up and needs someone to confide in and talk to, being a girl, if I were to be in the position of the listener, i wouldn’t want to tell her the exact truth the way it is, I’d want to garnish it in a way it may or may not be for the best and help her through that stage, but being a guy is an entirely different story. He tells her the way it is, without the fear of hurting her even if the truth hurts (this goes both ways).

In life not everything is rosy and all sweet, there are times when things don’t go as planned. I’m sure you must think feelings may come in the way of the “friendship” and destroy what is, but that’s not entirely the case, we see things in a way we think is the only way, shielding ourselves from the actual truth of what will come out of the union.

So what if feelings come in the midst of everything? Here’s a question, would you rather end up with a random person you know little about and are attracted by looks or personality or whatever, than someone you know in and out, head to toe, up and down and vice versa? Someone who knows your likes and dislikes, someone who understands you in ways you probably don’t even understand your self?

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  1. Boys and girls can definitely be best friends. It happens a lot today and it tends to me more real and lasts longer sometimes. There is no much envy and mutual respect is kinda more in this case.


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