Please Don’t Leave Me


It’s around 11pm at night, and Tina is sitting on my lap as we both watch some random show in ekpo ref (UNN). All seems great and wonderful in loveland, and out of no where, my madam looks at me, and tells me “I don’t think I can be with you anymore. I just don’t love you like I used to.” She sha said some other jibberish but that’s the only thing I heard.

Damn! Like say person carry dagger chook me for chest. That was my first real experience with heartbreak, and before you know what’s happening waterfalls start flowing o. Like real real tears.

Now I know this is not something most guys would admit, but omo if you love a babe and she dumps you unexpectedly that shit will hurt like hell…and it did. It hurt so bad that I didn’t know when I started boo-hoo-ing like a baby. You know when a child falls, and hurts themselves and they start crying with that “gear 1, gear 2 crying”? Yep. Na so your boy dey.

In the middle of the street outside Ekpo Ref, I get on knees and start begging this babe. Like really begging this babe. “Please don’t leave me. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything.” In retrospect I’m not even sure if I knew what I did wrong, but I was just begging. My guys are there trying to control me, and tell me to “be a man” but me no send. Nah so I continue to dey beg this babe, on my knees. *Kai I’ve suffered sha*. Looking back, it’s actually pretty f*cking pathetic, but sometimes that’s what happens when person carry your heart tear am well well. Needless to say I spent the following weeks listening to all the saddest love songs in the history of mankind, and watching sappy love movies…. I feel like throwing up now sef.

Tufiakwa! Chineke ekwen ife ojo! It shall not happen again lol.

I remember a friend of mine got dumped, and next thing my guy end up for hospital o. Dude couldn’t eat, sleep, for like a week, and all for one moi-moi babe like that. *hiss* But things like that do happen, and as much as guys want to feel like “Omo lai lai, it no dey happen to me”, it probably has at least once. If it hasn’t then just pray it doesn’t happen when you’re older with high blood pressure. LOL.

When I look back sef, I feel like someone should’ve given me a serious slap so my focus will shift momentarily. But it didn’t happen, no one took the bold step of slapping me and when I look now at the babe, I think to myself “Thank God you didn’t take me back sef.” You ever look back at an ex, and just think “Omo nah God save me from this o.When they say God knows best, he really does.”?

But that aside, let’s get into the real reason of this post, and that is; How low will you go or have you gone for someone you really love (or think you love)? Will you ever get down on your knees and beg? Like really beg? Do you regret it? I’ve begged, and people have begged me, and I know it’s not really a good look.

I mean comments section is anonymous, so una can talk true small, even though some boyz will never admit it sha. LOL. It’s really all just for shits and giggles.

As for me, it shall not happen again. The next time I’m on my knees is when it’s time to propose, and even that sef, I might just bone and stand. *straight face*



  1. Hahaha! Nice one… I have fallen in love once and I cried ehn,I think dat was d height of it sha…cried all night once and failed my test. I felt good wen I finally dumped him unexpectedly,nw I look at him and am lyk wat ws I thinking but d guy sha knew all d right things to say.

  2. I don beg before if u love the babe or think u like her well then trust me any guy would beg but not neccessary go down on their kneels

  3. it realy suck man,d prayer is not 2 get involve in dat kind incident cos it wl steal (d entire u) and turn u 2 woman wrapper……i neva did and pray 4 it not 2 happen but i knw hw is luks like

  4. Damn Aribaba! You were pathetic lmao. Me I've never cried for a guy at all, and if i guy cried for me I'd never look at him the same way. You even knelt down. Choi!!! Let's hope it wont happen again o.

  5. i was reading this post with a very smug smile on my face cos i don c wu i beta pass. Serious aribaba, u really fuckd up, if u beg, no matter how little, i dont even want 2 think about kneeling sef!, it wil not just destroy ur esteem where the OVER SIGNIFICANT OTHER is concerned, bt every thing about u.. #enuf said#

  6. i will never beg anybody to love me or stay with me because i know what i am worth…………. and if the guy feels the need to leave me, then to me it is the guy's loss and not mine. i will mourn the lost relationship yes, but then i will move on with my life cause there must be a reason why the other person left, to bring someone better into my life.

  7. I know say guys must form gangsta for here.. lol. STFU.. we are all Guys and we know d truth. e no de happen everyday but "E de happen". that "Rave" guy is probably a gameless prick hiding somewhere

  8. See all these lames here forming Rambo. #whereTheyDoThatAt? If you gbadun babe and she leave you the tin go burn your inner insides and if d tin no burn you e mean say you no really gbadun am. Love na bad tin but when its sweet its sweet. at they end of the day as much as i hate to use this over-used term #YOLO! live hard, love hard, and have no regrets. It all adds to your history.
    If we get spy cams for all these lames now, you’ll catch them listening to backstreet boys and drinking buckets of ice cream or drowning their sorrows with squaddie after them drom them like bad habit. SMH. Being cool is over-rated #aintNobodyGotTimeForDat


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