Memoirs Of A Lover: I Hate You Daddy (part 2) by Qhen


Did I end the part one with an “oops”? It should have been an ooooooops!!! What was I thinking? Thought I locked the main door? What do I do now? He has never spanked me before…what will he do now? would he tell my mother? (then I’m DEAD!!!) then I realized I had not locked the kitchen door(most houses have a kitchen door…I think?!)…but something struck me, he had not noticed me(or maybe he did). His eyes were fixed on the plasma, for some ten seconds he gazed hard on the TV and I noticed a huge bulge in his pants(it was kinda on my eye level you know?!)….oops!!!
It was then he looked down at me and couldn’t help but notice the bottle sticking out of my orifice and instead of yelling the shit out of me, he pulled me up, walked me to the bathroom helped me clean up the juice stain on my laps and he actually did help me clean my vagina gently stroking it under the running water and the sensation itself was hormone-testing and climax fetching but I had to figure what was going on in his head, his silence was killing me(so were his fingers!!!)…could he be so drunk he had not realized what had happened? Or maybe he’s doing the silent treatment?….then I noticed the bulge again….oops!!!
He then spoke without looking into my eyes “funmi you have been a very bad girl, there are two ways outta this situation I could either make you explain to your mum or I’d explain what real sex feels like or show you”(I know!!! I didn’t wanna mention my name before)”where is your sense of humour” he said. Then his fingers slid deeper into my vagina and reminded me whom my mum would believe if we both relayed our stories and I shouldn’t bother screaming because the generator was on, moreover, mum wasn’t going to be back till a few more hours, then he carried me back to the couch half naked, quarter confused and the rest of the fractions; MAD. Then he whipped out that ugly thing you guys pride yourself in, it was the biggest I’ve seen (even bigger than Muri the madman’s dick)then he started explaining to me the importance of using a condom…I know!!!…ooops
He picked up a tear from my face and used it to rub my clitoris(now I know all the parts thanks to my dad) and I couldn’t help but to let out a soft moan and then he guided his thingy into me an inch at a felt good at every point in time and amidst my tears I felt good till I saw a head throbbing out of the blinds and a voice saying “oga NEPA don bring light, I wan switch over”….oops
I have to stop here for now…watch out for part three(the concluding part!)…the gateman, neighbor, mum and the lawyer walks in…or maybe not!!!
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  1. i bliv this story is not real,,,,,,bt if it is realllll,sorry to the girllllll,,its fun bt it shuldnt b done with her dad,,,,,,,it interesting and funny,,,cant wait to read the concluding part of the storyyyyyyyyy……wat a touchhh

  2. well it sound abominable but it could be real i cant wait to read the concluding part of the story but tell us if u really enjoy d sex with him in ur next story.

  3. well, it has alwaz been said that the flesh is weak when it comes to some kind of circumstsnces. u ve been staying with your dad all thiis while & he has not made any funny moves to you b/4. looking at it your dad was a victim of circumstances, i am not trying to justify the situation, bt i blamed him for letting himself carried away with the situation. its just a pity he made love to his own girl.

  4. Hum! Can u imagine! Anyway sha gud of u.xpectin m0re of it but dont 4get to tell us how u felt after the misterious banging!!! Ha! Ekan séle.

  5. heya sorry bt she should have tried it before now any way expecting the concludin part then ama drop a great comment

  6. I always knew we Nigerians are crazy and foolish, but never did i realize we are also PSYCHOLOGICALLY SICK!!

    What sort of stupid ridiculous responses are you guys providing???? they are even more sickening? Is this how y'all respond when you hear stories of sexual relations between adults and kids??? child abuse and molestation????


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