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It was just another Sunday; I was at attending a get together at friend’s house when a cute caramel skin girl catches my eyes. First thought, is “Biko where did this Asa come from?” I observe at a distance for the next half an hour or so. Then finally I approach her and introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Nnenna” she says and I say “Hi I am Mekus”. We exchange pleasantries and conversation moves into occupation and educational background. After talking to this babe for half an hour or so, I am impressed not only by her banging body but also by her intellect. I interact frequently with women some might even call me a womanizer. By the way, those claims are not true – just for the record. Anyways back to Nnenna, so after our convo I walk away a little confused on the next step. I hate to admit it I am a little dumb founded because I normally have no issues asking for phone numbers. I finally find a way back to where she was standing and I don’t muster up enough coverage to ask for her number but rather I ask her BB pin.

She agrees to give me her BB Pin and then the pursuit begins. In my opinion there are couple types of women in the world: Wifey materials and Distributors. A distributor is defined as someone who gives it up with the man putting in a little bit of work. Shout to the distributors of this world … LOL. We all know distributors and Nnenna is far from one of that stereotype. I knew this from jump so my approach was calculated because I knew I could potentially hold this one for a while. The first couple days of chatting on BB consisted of getting to know her. At first I did not think I had a chance because she was not showing interest. My questions were replied with one word answers but I knew she was not a distributor so persistence would win this battle. The more I knew the more attracted to her I became. I could not get enough of her. We set a date to go out for dinner and drinks. I was so nervous because I did not want to screw things up. We had really good conversation at dinner and when the check came it did not matter that it was in the triple digits. It was well worth it. We went on a couple more dates and spent some time getting to know one another. It became apparent that she was starting to feel me. We started talking and hanging out more and more and things got physical and so on. I was having the time of my life with this babe. Then the infamous question was asked: Are we exclusive? Chei …. I had only known this girl for 6 weeks at that point.

This question threw me off because we were getting along so well. So once I heard this question I was forced to back up and figure out what my intention were with this girl. That question really screwed things up because there was now an expectation set. I was just fine dating casually but going exclusive pretty much means you are going to toward the marriage side. Which is not a problem for me, but it was just too fast for me.

I was given ultimatum that is either we become exclusive or I get caught off. I was still digesting my situation and me and Nnenna were still talking and hanging out. One night like that I spent at her house and we had a really nice romantic evening; I left the next morning and went into work glowing in the company I had the night before. While at work we were BBing and texting each other. Next thing I know she no dey show up on my BB contacts. CHEI !!!! this girl don delete me. I come check facebook and we are no longer friends. I am even sure she deleted my number because when I called to find out how far she did not know who was calling … Odikwa Risky. I was shocked because we were so close. She assumed that since I was dulling that I was not serious so she “X” me out completely out of her life. In my humble opinion 6 weeks is too short to decide if someone is compatible. Am I wrong? Jaguda family what do you guys think? Please help me Oga Mekus!!!!


  1. You might be jumping gun a little bit… Asking if you are exclusive EQUALS NOT Lets Get married. Are we exclusive means: you seem to want a monopoly on my time and cockblocking any other guy that might show the slightest bit of interest, now that we are getting all physical cant have you leaving me and moving on to the next girl… Are we now gonna exclusively date each other without the distraction of other Guys/Girls?

    To Get to Marriage you must 1st be Exclusive, Then Become BF/GF, Then Become Fiancé/Fiancée before you finally become Mr/Mrs.

    Yes 6 weeks of dating (2.5months) is more than enough time to know if you wanna be exclusive with the Girl or not. How much time do you need to decide if you wanna exclusively date her?? 6 Months??? That is just Longness… Obviously deleting you was the only way of getting you out of her system before you become a virus… The Fact that she asked you if you were exclusive, is it safe to assume that she already told you what she was looking for… (she wasnt looking for a New Guy Friend)? Maybe her deleting you was an overreaction. But its quite clear Mekus (chillationship) and Nneka (Relationship) want different things. So I see why Nneka doesnt want to continue to invest in Mekus Emotionally, physically and Mentally.

  2. well, it sounded like u were interested in committing since u kept pursuing. u stated urself that shes not a "distributor". u probably felt u didnt have to since things got physical b4 commitiment.


    anyway, 6 weeks is long enough if u hv been spending enuf time together. if u've decided to be physical, then u can decide to be physical with only her…thats what the commitment is all about.
    anyway sha, i dont blame her. no ones getting younger.

  3. part 1
    Nna men, no be small boko harram u boko english for this write up o!!!
    Anyway i feel you… heres my input!
    First things first; If you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, 6 weeks is nonsensically too little a time for any serious minded individual to start demanding exclusivity. there are many reasons why i would maintain that any permanent waka should at least be in the works for 1year. (even at that people still hide their true colours longer than a year.) if you wanna know why, how bout you check the divorce rate of nigerians both in nigeria and in the diaspora… basically good wine ages longer… if na moscato u want, oya go arrange sharp sharp waka then ill help you plan your divorce party 4 years later…


  4. Part 2
    If Nnenna was as serious as she was at the 6th week, from day 1, she would never had distributed even one small current for you to tap. So while (like every other girl ) she wants the end goal of your whole shiding to be at the alter, and her initial gragra boosted your attention/interest, she cannot be labeled a sole distributor nor can she be labeled a wifey material because you cannot tell all her strengths and weaknesses withing 6weeks….how would you know how compatible you are (abi na beans and suya?!!!!), at this point she should be labelled a "distributing wifey material"
    I actually do commend Nnenna for dropping your ass off like a hot rock because she posesses the foresite (unlike many) to see how serious you were taking the cruise… She either 1. had/has other more serious minded people in line… or 2. just caught your bullshit n bounced so she doesnt get in too deep (ladies take note, chop the boy and waka before your heart gets tied down and you become a an emotional puppet) at this same time regulate your distribution frequency make nothing loss…

  5. part 3

    now Mekus: at your age, i would think since you know you arent seriously looking to settle anytime soon, you should be wise enought to distinguish between a "WM" and distributors… if you no want make dem dump you again, boy fly along with feathers that are alike…. If you are serious with any babe, id think sex would be the last thing on your mind… after all you can have it all you want when you marry the babe….. My advise bruv, stick to only Distributing candidates….
    ps: if i boko the english for this write up, i apologise. 🙂

  6. @mekus 6 weeks is a long time for any female to be 'hanging' with a guy, so I completely agree with her. You should let her know wat the deal is, or stop playing with her. I'm glad she deleted you and has moved on, but the thing wi women is they loved to be chased so i can guarantee you that you still have an 80% chance getting in good with her…just go apologize…on your knees!!

  7. Oga mekus…wat tha f*** is wr0ng wif u,huhh…she’z trynna pass a cerious gbagaun 2u by dleting u..u shud knw wat nxt 2do..u knw w0men naa..go talk 2ha&moov 2d nxt stage wif ha..dnt dull man or u get smackd out…hahahahahah..gbagaun..

  8. Nnenna sounds like a smart girls who knows her worth! I wish more women were like her. I see way too many women wasting their time with men who are obviously commitment-phobes. She wasn't asking for an engagement ring, she was asking for an exclusive relationship, i.e commitment. Her reaction seems a bit immature in my opinion, but I totally understand where she was coming from. Ride on Nnenna (no pun intended), nothing do you girl! #On to the next! 🙂

  9. …to ask a babe out, you were attracted.
    …to keep communing after the first time, she's intelligent enough to hold your attention.
    So, like AllAboutUs said, "…6weeks is (much) more than enough time…."

  10. The fact still remains that you won her heart but you lost her trust. Exclusiveness doesn’t translate directly into marriage. And the fact that you waver conotes you have another person you are considering alongside. Ask your self are you just fantasizing her gorgeous mould or you really want to posses her. If your choice is the later then congratulations! winnig her back is just the test you need to pass be you a womanizer or not put all your wits and balls into it.

  11. Guys,

    Thank you the advise. Things have taken an interesting turn I will update you guys shortly. Also to clarify when I mention we got physical we did not have sex. We both respect each other enough to wait. Part II coming soon.


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