Mekus Chronicles II ….


Nna men this girl don erase me from her life. A whole ME, Eziokwu?  Does she know who I am? These were the initial thoughts that ran through my mind. But after a while (a couple minutes) I decided to move on with my life. I consider myself to be every woman’s delight so if it does not work then nothing spoil. I mean what’s the big deal about giving me time. This relationship thing na serious business oooo. I refuse to spend a year or ten years of my life trying to figure out if someone is right for me. Ideally, I want LONGER than six weeks to get to know someone. But as I said nothing spoil … more fish dey in that tiny lake

The sad reality is that this was not the first time this happened to me. There was this babe named Ijeoma that I meet. This girl fine pass all the babes I don date. We started hanging out and vibe with each other. Things dey flow well and so on. One obstacle was that I was casually dating someone else, Jen at the time. Jen and I were not exclusive it was understood that we could date other people. So when I meet Ijeoma I told her up front about Jen. She was cool with it at first but then finally started to apply pressure about what we were doing. She sternly said you have 2 weeks to make up your mind, I nodded and after two weeks she asked what my decision was and I was still undecided. After that she pretty much cut me off.

So when Nnenna did her own magic I knew what was going to happen. First, she would feel liberated and glad that the “Ass” is out of her life. Her friends will give her high fives as in you did right thing because Mekus was Dulling. After the high fives and so are over and done with Nne will have to go back to her domain alone. Second, loneliness starts to creep in and finally she breaks down and she decides to make contact.

In Nnenna’s case she was strong headed and waited a couple weeks before making contact again. In fact, she showed up to “the Lion’s Den”, my house, for an event. After the gathering was over; we started with small talk and before we knew it we were exchanging salvia. We talked briefly about the ultimatum but not too specific. We started seeing each other more and more and by the time we knew it we are dating casually just like I wanted … Yay, I win. She still complains every now and then about wanting a relationship but I combat those with not being ready. Not sure what’s going to happen with us going forward but she should have read my article, “wait to settle article” on Jaguda before linking up with me.

My questions Jaguda family; is why are Nigerian women in such a hurry to settle down. Time dey … wouldn’t you much rather be single at 35 than married and pissed off at 35. As for Nnenna I think my unwillingness to conform to her demands and/or not willing to fight for her has really turned her off. But let’s see what happens


  1. "Yay I win"? Sounds childish if you ask me. With matters of the heart, the only way you win is if all parties involved are happy. Right now you've got what you want, hopefully you end up with what you need.

    You make a general statement about Nigerian women. Yes we want to get married and start a family, but some of us are in no hurry. We are perfectly fine going about with our lives until we meet the right person. Some of you must think that you are God's gift to women which is why it is impossible for us to see you and not want to get into a relationship with you right? I believe that some men get so caught up with trying to be to cool for a committed relationship, and you loose sight of the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

  2. Hmmmm… So I made sure I went back to Read – “Wait to Settle and You Go Settle”.
    So are you trying to tell us you are Mekus the Joker?? Cos that whole article pretty much described what you did/doing with Nnenna. I guess its all Fun and Games for you “Yay, I win”. I guess all she was to you was prey to stroke your ego and see how far you can take it with her seeing as you believe that you “every woman’s delight”. You stated in your wait to settle article that you are in your late 20’s so it means that you are very close to 30 (basically in Max 3yrs you will probably be in your 30s). But this part 2 just makes you sound like a 19yr old who is just out to play.

    In part 1 you seemed more like you genuinely cared for this girl (as she didn’t see her as a distributor, but as someone you could hold down for a while). I am not sure what happened between now and them but reading this just makes me Sad for you more than anything. Nenna obviously knows what she wants, as you stated in your wait to settle article, you said and I will quote you “keep asking what are we doing before different parties get attached”. “What are your Intentions with me”. Although harsh and to the point this question answers any subjectivities. Oh yea do not take the response “I don’t know”. Keep pressing till he breaks down.”

    All Nnenna asked was for exclusivity to give the relationship a fair shot without distractions and you showed your true self cos in Part 1 it seems you pursued her like you were looking for a long term thing.
    Seriously Tell me how can you really know Nnenna is what you want or don’t want when you want to keep the relationship open so you can date other girls alongside here… It’s not possible; Jack of All trade is a master of none… If you like keep looking for the Next best thing! Before you know it you will be settling… Heed your own advice and don’t end up a Joke. You don’t just get to 35 and you are married. You will usually have been in an exclusive relationship with the person for a while before then.

    After reading I hope she thanks God for saving her Time. Cos it would have been wasted with you. I know I would and I will Go to church and Give thanks for saving me from a relationship of misery due to uncertainty cos this Guy thinks me to be a Game with a Target at the back of my head.

    I will stop now… But men like you really make me sad. Matters of the heart is no Game…

  3. Nna this Mekus you're just confused. So your own is to win and have your way. ok now… When you reach 40 your eye go fall…. Then again it's a man's world so u'll probably go find 21 year old girl, but she go show you pepper 🙂

  4. "As for Nnenna I think my unwillingness to conform to her demands and/or not willing to fight for her has really turned her off" …….err NO SHIT 'stein.

    Na Nnenna i blame sha. I hope she leave you alone to your foolery. If more women really stuck to their 'guns' there will be less men like you that feel like they came make silly demands/play with a womans' feelings/and get away with it.

    Women know your worth!!!

  5. Chai…the only thing I agree with is 'wouldn’t you much rather be single at 35 than married and pissed off at 35.' Everything else is for the kids. If you don't know whether you want to be in a r/ship with her by now, na hint o!…free that babe…


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