Toyin Aimahku & Husband Adeniyi Johnson Have Gone Their Seperate Ways Due To Infidelity


Toyin and Niyi who are so madly in love and head over heels over each other have decided to go their separate ways from less than two years of being married together. Toyin and Adeniyi had a very quite traditional wedding in Ibadan in February 2013 and on July 8 2013 they got married at the Ikoyi registry.


In an interview with Ynaija sometimes last year, Toyin reveals on how several ladies bug her hubby and seek all manner of intimacy from him.she said:

“Women are truly their own enemies, you know a man is married yet still try hard to get his attention. Plenty, what can I do? God will help us; you need to see the hell that goes on my husband’s Facebook page all the time,”


A report from SDK says that two are no longer a duo because of infidelity issues and the source further stated that the drunk in love couple have being living apart now for some months but kept mute about it just so the Press won’t find out saying that the issue of infidelity has eaten deep into their marriage.


Toyin confirmed the separation rumour and from her statement one could tell that she wants reconciliation with her man and prays God mends their time of trouble. check it out below

“God will mend our happiness, he will make us happy and put a stop to our wind.”


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