Living with my ex & Dating someone else

Scene from popular movie, The Break Up
Scene from popular movie, The Break Up

Bill and Casey have been together and dating for a little over 5yrs. They both live together and have always done everything together. In the beginning of the 6th year, things start to get sour, the spark was gone, the romance going down the drain, and everything seemed to be crumbling. One night, Casey wakes Bill up around 2am with the dreaded phrase “we need to talk!” Bill bracing up for the worst, wakes up to hear Casey pour out her venom on how things have been going on lately. She starts with the most mind twisting question for any dude in a relationship; do you love me? Bill lost for words, delays in answering and Casey passes the instantaneous judgment that Bill doesn’t love her and dishes out an even more confusing phrase well…“I love you but I’m not in love with you”. Bill knowing that things haven’t been great lately and that the spark is almost gone amicably agrees for them to separate and date other people. Casey (unconsciously) excited is ready to go look for an apartment but Bill being a gentleman & nice guy offers her the other room in the house for her to move into. The question is…would you let your ex live in same house with you and be free to date other people?

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  1. Sanka, you totally got this from a Naija movie didn't ya? I just watched this scene in one movie feat Ramsey Noah. Anyways, I say nope! It would just be extra weird abeg. I no do…

  2. Lol @ Mgbeke…I knew that was an awfully sticky situation! I thought dude was about to slaughter her or sumthin but it just doesn't feel right. No matter how amicable & grown y'all claim the break-up to be, living together is jst NOT cool. I say its a NEVER-do!

  3. I probably would be able to , knowing that all the sparks are ,PHEW, GONE!!!!! When you are 110% sure there is no love, chemistry or anything between you and your ex, things like double dating and sharing stories about your new significant other with the dreaded EX seems to be almost natural!!!!!!

  4. I doubt I'd ever live with someone while I'm dating them cos I need my space biko, but in the event that uses juju on me & I do live with a girl I'm dating, I'd say I wouldn't want to live with her after we break up… lai lai o. Don't need that kind of stress.

    @ staynfly… I don't think I'd ever be able to share stories of people I'm dating with my ex…that's just a little much.

  5. I actually have some friends who have been in this situation. They lived together for a year afetr thier breakup. We all thought it was strange, but they seemed very cool. I think once all feelings have been abolished, its do-able…for me Ill say hell no!..because I "love" hard.

  6. I think the bigger issue is something that Aribaba touched on–living with your significant other before marriage. Too many people are quick to move in and quick to move out. I hope that being married would at least make people fight for love and not give up just because someone was too slow to say "I love you" or wants to play mind games. Abeg–work on the relationship first!

    • live wt my ex & date someone else?


      hw do u xpct d new guy to take me serious? it'll b frustrating for all involved.

  7. Lol..Sanka it is not hatorade oh..its just that I will need some space for a fresh begining without having to look behind my

  8. Ok Sanka, the above response by Bill is kinda too Caucasianic, & I am of da opinion dat no black man, whether African American, African-in-America or straight up pure natural-African-man, fit respond as above. We fit pardon our girl if we catch am cheating on us, esp when we sabi say our own record is 25xce as bad, but we just too smart to get caught, but to give am space for we 2bdrm no dey our dictionary abeg…not enuf space, -Bitch, get ur stinkig arse outta da door in a minute!

  9. I still have my ex living with me. I cant bring home any girls and she cant bring home any guys…but she still nags me and is acting the same as when we were together. its very awkward…but we have a little boy so its good I can still see him everyday…thats probably why we are still living together…also i pay all the bills….kinda lopsided?


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