Going From The Friend Zone To The End Zone


Most of of us have been there. We’re all too familiar with that dreaded friend zone. The point where the person you’ve been secretly wanting forever and a day tells you “I look at you like a friend” or even worse “you’re like a brother to me” *hot tears*

It’s something no guy ever want to hear from a girl he desires as a girlfriend or as a babe he’s trying to set P with. Nothing makes you jam rock more than that dreaded friend zone.  She likes hanging out with you, and wants to hang out all the time, but nothing more. Indirectly blocking your other runs in the process.

But alas… there’s hope. If you’ve been friend zoned, there’s a way to get out of it.

Here is a guideline to wiggle yourself out of the friend zone and back to the hot friend that he/she doesn’t mind giving the goods to. The end-zone.  Hell, if you do well, you’ll be half way in the door based on already “being friends.”

Upgrade your packaging: First things first you have to upgrade yourself. Most times if someone sees you as a friend, they’re probably not attracted to you on a physical level. They might like your personality… Maybe you make her laugh, or are always there to listen, but on the physical level. You’re just not it.

So to remedy that, start on some packaging upgrades. Start working out to tone yourself (if you don’t do so already), upgrade the wardrobe, eat better, groom yourself better, and just generally improve on your look. Get some swag (borrow if you have to), and slowly but surely your confidence will improve.

Don’t Beg or Ask any Further Questions: Nothing pushes you more into the friend zone than constantly trying to get her to give it a chance. No begging, no “will you ever think of it?” etc. Just accept that she doesn’t want or at least pretend to not send. You can still be there for the person but keep strictly platonic from your end. At least for now.

Reduce her priority small: Now I’m not saying ignore her completely as she’ll figure it’s cos she doesn’t want you in that way, and you’ll end up looking childish in a way. But don’t make her a priority all the time just cos you like her. Surely you have other babes that like you. You can hang out with those ones every so often. Toast other babes and flirt. Heck you’re single anyways. Hang out with your peeps too, and generally have fun without her. Meet some new people also.

Hopefully with your upgrades, non-sending, and the fact that other people want you or seem to want, she might start to feel like “hey… maybe this guy is a catch”

Flirt With Her A Little: Now this where you have to know the art of flirting without looking thirsty. It’s like giving off the vibe that you’re capable of holding it down without seeming like you necessarily want to go there with her. Random compliments like “You cant be wearing things like this around me. Don’t make me look at you in a different way” could work. Well, me sef I don’t know exactly but it should be playful and not like you’re extra thirsty and all. Also you can make some playful touches here and there. Not extra aggressive but just subtle touches of caresses that almost seem like you’re not aware you’re doing it.Hope I made small sense.

Be Open With Her About Other Girls: You guys are friends right? So depending on your relationship with her you can talk about other girls or ask her for some seriously intimate advice. You can be as detailed as possible. She’s your friend so she should be able to listen lol. Gotta be careful not to just seem like you’re bragging about your conquests, but more like general gist. Also gauge if she does the same thing too, so it doesn’t necessarily seem like you’re just saying it to make her jealous.

It’s like innocently telling her that you’re getting yours and somehow you have now become a sexual being in her eyes. Whether or not she wants you is debatable, but your image and sex have entered her mind in some order.

Take The Opportunity When It Comes: If you’ve done all the steps above, chances are your platonic friendship will almost be a formality. You never want to jump in cos you’ll jam rock, but with the flirting and hopefully some sexual chemistry there will be moments that present themselves. You my friend will have to seize that moment.

She wont make that move for you, but she’ll surely open the door way for you to make it. so don’t dull yourself and miss it. If you miss it, then you might be in that friend zone till the point that she’ll ask you to be her chief bridesmaid. So if that window opens, jump on it. If everything works out, then you my friend will have marched down the field into the end-zone!  Touchdown baby!! *insert touchdown dance*.

However if after all this, she still declines your move or you misread the opportunity, then I’m sorry bros but there’s no hope. Hang it up and just drop that P, or suck it up in the friend-zone. Help her paint her nails, and pick out what dress she should wear on her date. You wont be the first person.


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