Photo Stories: My Lagos by B. Ikanade-Agba


From the title you probably expected to see nostalgic beaten up yellow buses, images of people suffering, slum life or perhaps the bustling street-life this majestic metropolis has to offer. Well, sorry to disappoint you but I’ve decided to go with a different angle, one that celebrates the beauty around us. No matter how much we complain about the numerous difficulties of Lagos life, the over population and mass pollution, deteriorating infrastructure and all-round mayhem that can rival the likes of Mumbai or Shanghai. We still need to appreciate what we have. We often take them for granted or get tunnel visioned into ignoring them, lets try every now and again to take out a few minutes to look a little bit closer and see the wonderful things that surround us. Be it the spirit of the people, the soundtrack of the city, the sunsets and waterways, the historical structures, the culture and joys of Lagos living. Lagos is a great city for numerous reasons but we more often than not are too clouded by its problems and our busy lives to see it. I implore you, next time you are at a cafe or beef parlor cooling off after a busy day, or stuck in traffic on 3rd mainland bridge, take a few seconds and look to the sun, look to the skies……..what do you see?


B. Ikanade-Agba
Twitter: @Cj_MoonVibe


  1. Truly spectacular and you couldn’t have described it any better, the typical nostalgic negativity that is always expected, just from the mere mention of the name ”Lagos”. A gem in the rough, captured in all it’s full glory…Salute!


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