The Rise of the African Model


Friday Fashion Fix is back yet again!

Now, every time I go to a show during fashion week, I automatically take notice of the amount of ethnic models or the lack thereof. Sometimes there are loads of them and other times its one or two of them. Unfortunately, is it usually the lack thereof. So much speculation has been going on about designers not using black/African models and till today, it is a topic that casually comes up but I’m not here to talk about that. I want to celebrate the African models that have made it to several runways and even the print advertisements that are sprawled all over magazines in the States and overseas.

FatimaAM1You all may remember this Somali-Ethiopian beauty, Fatima Siad, from America’s Next Top Model. Well she’s been all over the place doing print for several magazines and was also picked up to be apart of designer Betsey Johnson’s campaigns.


AM2She has been a favorite of mine since she arrived on the scene several years ago. Liya Kebede is from Ethiopia and has been featured in ads by Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.


AM3This Nigerian top model, Nnenna Agba, is another alum of America’s Next Top Model. She was featured in an issue of Arise Magazine and has walked the runway at fashion week in New York and abroad.


AM4Ajuma Nasanyana is representing Kenya proudly (look at those eyes!). She has done countless shows at fashion week for many designers. She has always walked in the Victoria Secret’s Annual Fashion Show. Her portfolio of work speaks volumes!


AM5Hailing from Tanzania, Millen Magase, was a sight to see during Arise Africa Fashion Week. She was also recently signed to Ford Models in New York.


AM6Ghanaian beauty, Kate Tachie-Menson, was MNET Face of Africa in 2008 and has been flourishing ever since. She was also featured in Arise Africa Fashion Show.


AM7Yasmin Warsame is a Somali-Canadian that has done many print ads in many magazines. You may have noticed her face in Revlon hairs ads. She has walked for Christian Dior, Escada and was also on the cover of Vogue Italia.


AM8Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi is another favorite of mine also from Nigeria ,probably because of her versatility. This girl has done everything from high fashion to lingerie to sportswear and of course runway.

I commend all these ladies for making their stamp on the fashion industry because I believe that every and anything with a splash of color always looks better.



  1. Fatima…FRESH and AMAZING talent

    Liya is a bit too European looking for me, but she is still an African beauty

    I've never heard of Kate….she seems really cool though.

    AJUMA is by far my fav!

    And Ms. O.O.Orlandi is a vet.

  2. Lol @ O.O.Orlandi…I guess she's a triple threat!

    Liya is European looking in that photo but google some more pics of her, she's a lot more than that.

    Ajuma is really big now. I see her everywhere!

    Yes we shall be seeing more of Kate.

    Although Fatima does resemble Iman, she is definitely talented.


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