The Launch of Afrizion

... is a creative fashion hub, by Nigerians, that caters to fashion brands across different platforms. Afrizion serves the fashion industry as a whole, giving diverse up and coming creatives an avenue to express themselves while showcasing their art to the world. It’s a new fashion site which celebrates Designers, Up and coming creatives, and fashion bloggers. Also keeps you updated on Fashion news, trends and editorials.

In a society where black high fashion is rarely showcased, Afrizion hopes to break the mold and bring something different to the table. Check it out at and if you are a writer, blogger who loves all things fashion and feel you can contribute in anyway, please contact to possibly join the team.

Afrizion media based in NYC, New York focuses on print, fashion event production, organization and consulting for up and coming talents in the area of fashion etc.

For more information contact:

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