Something Old or Something New…


Happy New Year you all!

Now as a new year has started, lets get into something new (or rather something old that has somehow become somewhat new to the fashion industry). What might that be, you ask? How about TURBANS! Yep turbans!

In the recent wave of designers being influenced by all things AFRICAN, somehow the turban became a fashion statement in the late months of 2010. Now I watched the trend to see if it would stick and most assuredly… IT DID. If you want to say that the ‘Western world’ is obsessed with the African’s style of dressing, you have every right to because the turban has been worn from around the 1920’s into the 1970’s by white females in Hollywood like Sophia Loren (photographed below). I mean we inspired the dashiki for goodness sake’s… but I digress!

Anywhooo, enough about that. I’ve noticed that more black female celebs like Solange, Chrisette Michele, model Chanel Iman and stylist June Ambrose have been taking part in the turban phenomenon.

Solange Knowles

Chrisette Michele (background) and June Ambrose (front)

Model Chanel Iman on the cover of Dubai Harper’s Bazaar

I mean wearing head wraps have always been apart of not only African culture but that of the African Americans as well. This new take on wearing a scarf is sort of revolutionary in a way. Even your local fashionistas have been rocking the turban.

Mima DeVille of The Hot Tamale Fashion Blog

And fellow fashionista and model Athanaelle

To my ladies, this new year try a little something different. Instead of wrapping your scarf to the back, wrap it to the front and see how you feel (and of course how you look).

Till next time…




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