Revamp Your Native Wardrobe: Ladies Edition

Ladies today must be your lucky day because this post is ALL ABOUT YOU. Gentlemen, excuse me this one time, the next one will be for you and ONLY you. Promise.
Now that summer has officially left the building and winter is underway, we ladies do not have the same privilege of showing off too much leg, some cleavage or even your shoulders without feeling it later. Eight times out of ten you’ll get sick just from exposing your body to Old Man Winter. So how do you go about covering up more skin and still make an attempt at preserving your ‘sexy’ all in the name of keeping warm? You improvise! Every skirt and dress does not need to ride sky high up your legs. While every neckline does not need to expose your chest to look more appealing.
I’ve found some alternatives for you to choose from for all your fall or winter events. Fashion should not put you on bed rest with the common cold or worse, the flu! Let’s get down to finding out how to do it the right way, shall we?
Designer: House of Nwocha
Invest in a Blazer and a Wide Leg Pant: Who said you can’t wear a them out to a party? Exactly! No one did. A fitted blazer is great to have but one with print ten times better.
Tip: In this approaching weather a three quarter sleeve is suggested. Have the blazer FIT your frame and stop just before the hips in length. As for the pants, always wear a blouse that hugs your upper torso to balance out the volume at the bottom. I dare one of you ladies to wear the photographed blazer and pants together, be that bold and you’ll get much respect!
Designer: Madam Wokie’s Couture
The Shift Dress: This is the dress that is the simplest of them all. Boat neckline, fitted bodice and pencil-like skirt bottom but with the right accessories and a great print its a totally different ball game.
Tip: For fall weather making this dress a little longer is necessary and even pairing it with stockings is a good idea so those precious legs stay warm. Wear a coat over it and once you enter the place, show off what you are working with.
Designer: Mataano
Try a Kimono Top and Pencil Skirt Combo Please: Loose blouses are the best! You don’t have to worry about your mid section bulging out too much, its pretty much a life saver. The open neckline is attractive and the sleeves can be as long as you want. Always pair a kimono-like blouse with a pencil skirt/skinny pants, once again to balance out the volume at the top.
Tip: Pair the skirt with stockings, wear round toe pumps and layer the blouse with a camisole underneath.
Designer: Ituen Basi
Put Some Sleeves On That: A lot of us girls have been going the strapless dress route, myself included. But let me tell you, sleeves these days are making dresses stand out.
Tip: So my advice is go wild with it, whether you like wide sleeves, long sleeves, puff sleeves or exaggerated sleeves. Like Nike, just do it.
Designer: Korto Momolu
Keep One Full Gown in Your Closet: With a gown like this, your whole body is pretty much covered but in the most eye catching way. The plunging neckline isn’t so bad with everything else being under wraps.
Tip: You can either put sleeves on the gown or keep it as you see it. Either way, it’s still weather appropriate.

Designer: Christiane King
The Mermaid Style Reigns Supreme: This style is still popular! Reason? It accentuates our curves and even if you feel you don’t have any… this style will lead onlookers to believe you do. Plus, this kind of gown will always cover you up. Case closed.
Tip: Now it all depends on your personal preference if you decide to add sleeves or straps.
Hope this helps ladies till next time…



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