NICETRADS NT13 Story and Visuals


The NICETRADS Spring Summer NT13 Menswear Collection was inspired and designed for people with unique sense of style, those who stay dapper, who truly go with their passions, and who strive to deliver their best. People who are just like you.

 The NT13 Collection visuals were inspired by a group of stylish guys we know. They are young ambitious individuals with big dreams. They are setting out for a fun summer weekend getaway. We decided to show them our collection and told them to pick whatever shirt they like and would rock. Each individual mainly influenced their styling and their respective looks. With minimal input from us, they styled themselves and came up with unique combinations of how they would rock Nicetrads products.

It’s a beautiful Spring day and we are about 5 miles from Manhattan, New York. Everything is all set and the guys and our female models are about to have fun shooting for the Nicetrads NT13 collection. The result can be seen in the visuals below. For the complete NT13 story and visuals, visit

Watch the Short Film featuring our Menswear collection

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NICETRADS Clothing (US Based Company): A leading maker of quality clothing that combines exclusive design, unique fitting, and smooth color combination – inspired by the rich African culture.

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