NiceTrads Clothing


This is worth checking out. Pretty nice looking trad stuff for the fellas.

NiceTrads Clothing is a leading maker of quality African clothing that combines exclusive design, unique fitting, and smooth color combination into a NICE TRAD.
With every top, many details are incorporated such as fitting, colors, and thread contrasting. The choice of fabric is also a key element in every top produced. NiceTrads is committed to providing the best quality clothing using the finest materials. Each top presents a fusion of African and contemporary influences thereby making African clothing fashionable (shirts come with open cuff, double button cuff, and double cuff w/ cufflinks.) 
Our main goal is to make you “Look Fly in a NICE TRAD.”
Here’s a recent tweet from a fan:
@NiceTrads keep keeping our traditional outfits fashionable and relevant! #winning they can be worn in any setting, naija or not!”
Connect with NiceTrads:
Call or text:  ✆ +1-971-20-TRADS (87237).
Twitter: @NiceTrads
Shop online (free shipping):


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