The New and Fun Way of Mixing and Matching Styles




Compared to the 80’s and 90’s, today’s younger generation don’t like being pushed around by the trends that the media is(are) setting, online news portal the News Times said. Alinda Lillian Munanur, the news portal’s resident fashion blogger, said that the youngsters today love being independent, a big reason why for them, mixing and matching their style is “as natural as breathing.” There’s nothing wrong with experimenting when it comes to your fashion style; as long as you feel comfortable with whatever you wear, you can do whatever you want with your appearance.

However, for those who are only relying on what they see in magazines or on television shows, you might need to do more research and studying. Sometimes, experimenting with your own approach to fashion may take a while to get right. This activity is like an art that requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

United Kingdom’s major online fashion retailer Boohoo is one of the few companies promoting experimentation when it comes to clothing. The said brand makes fashion experiments more fun through their Wardrobe Bingo game. In this game, you need to pick up five items for every part of your body that needs clothes or accessories.
The common body sections used are top, bottom, foot, hair, and neck, and these items are then numbered from one to five. What you need to do is pick five random number items from each body parts and put on the items together. You need to repeat this process until you find one final outfit that suit your taste.

Over the years, many bingo sites have shown their support for the fashion industry. This support comes in the form of promos or freebies. One of these sites is Bwin-owned which gives loyal players vouchers and discounts to major fashion brands and retailers. Now, it is Boohoo that’s using the fun and exciting game of bingo for its advocacies. With Wardrobe Bingo, Boohoo has made mixing and matching clothes more enjoyable.





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