Miss Angola: Leila Lopes crowned MISS UNIVERSE


Newly crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes

Now as I type this Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, has been crowned as Miss Universe 2011! The pageant was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil and hosted contestants from 89 different countries. Now for anyone familiar with these pageant shows, we all know many of the black girls never make it that far, talk less of winning it. But Miss Angola shined and totally murdered her competition!

It is one thing to see a girl who is NOT white win but it is even bigger deal (for me) when she is straight out of AFRICA. We are a beautiful set of people in Africa, forget what you heard! Leila Lopes is proof just as Agbani Darego was when she won the Miss World title back in 2001 and she was apart of the TOP TEN for the Miss Universe title so yea… WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Not to say we were not beautiful before these pageant organizations take notice but this just gives us more bragging rights! Anyway, I was able to catch the pageant just before they were about to cut it down to the top ten. When I saw her, I immediately wondered which country she was representing. So please believe that when they announced her as Miss Angola, I yelled! I couldn’t help myself.

While most of the contestants strutted around in their swimsuits exposing their protruding hip bones and rib cages, she came out looking as healthy as ever with a body that would inspire anyone (including me) to shed a few pounds (the right way of course!) and tone up a little.

But what got the crowd (myself and plenty of people on twitter) talking was this gown she wore! I so want this for a photo shoot. The fit, the slit up her left leg, the jewels, feathers and let’s not forget the shoes ALL work for her. I’m glad she opted to pull her hair up rather than have cascading curls down her shoulders. It would’ve only taken away from her face as well as the gown so kudos to her hair stylist.

Well now that we are all familiar with the newest Miss Universe, keep the face in your mental rolodex because she will be around till the next Queen comes around.

Congrats to Leila Lopes on her win!

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  1. It is simply amazing, deserved the recognition. Congratulations Leila Lopes. " Nós Brasileiros sentimos honrados em receber a mais bela mulher do mundo."

  2. Miss ANGOLA GANHO !!!
    Leia Lopes (especially the photo at the top of the page) displays a very natural African Beauty – unadulterated by all the trappings of today's material girl in schock Hollywood or NY Runways … MAIS LINDA!!!
    Beijinhos …
    Africa de Sul


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