Top Fashion Trend! The stylish Wedge Sneakers


Some trends come and go. Yet, others, while living up to the hype, come and stay for much longer than you thought they would! One of such is the Wedge Sneakers for ladies, which came flooding the fashion walks mid last year.

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I have been a huge fan of the wedge sneakers since they first bust on the scene and it is safe to say that i knew this was going to last. Long before its arrival, sneaker-loving girls were comfortable with wearing sneakers made for boys and the very few geared towards satisfying girls in design and style. So imagine the huge difference it makes to have the wedge sneakers give you the best of both worlds in Heels and Sneakers!


Rita Dominic


That’s right. With the wedge sneakers you add as much 3inches and more to your height, making you feel as sexy as you do when you wear heeled shoes and also giving you the casual chic appeal that comes with wearing sneakers. They are not just stylish, they are also comfortable.

Famous celebrities home and abroad have caught on the wedge sneaker bug, spotting them in their outings and music videos. We have noted our own Nigerian celebrity females showing love to this trend, from Toke Makinwa, to rapper – Eva Alordiah and Rita Dominic to name a few.

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How-to-Wear-Wedge-Sneakers-with-Denim how-to-wear-shoedazzle-urge-wedge-sneakers-001

The price to own one of these beautiful sneakers? Well depending on your needs in design and style, wedge sneakers could cost between $60-$1000 a pair. Did you notice the hot Giuseppe Zanotti pair Ciara and Nicki Minaj wore in the just released “I’m Out” video? Well, yea, didn’t we all notice those white beauties which cost about a thousand dollars!

How to wear the Wedge sneakers? Your best bet to styling these beautiful design of sneakers would be to play up on the sport-chic appeal. Shorts and skinny jeans/pants are a sure way to go with these beauties

Where to buy in Lagos? If you are a lover of the wedge sneakers and can’t seem to find one that is both tasteful and cheap (well, thanks to Naija we never seem to find the right stores to buy these things) – @Sneakers4Girls might just be your point of call. They have taken it upon themselves to make sneaker shopping for girls as easy as a phone call away. So if you live in Lagos, you are in luck! Unfortunately they do not make interstate deliveries.

Find @Sneakers4Girls on Twitter and Instagram and be on your way to ordering for yourself the most stylish Wedge Sneakers on a budget! Or add them on BB – 25B310FB  They have the best collection of sneakers for girls and are always on time with orders. Try them now

Toke Makinwa
Eva Alordiah




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