Headies Awards 2013! Who Wore It Best and Worst?


The just concluded headies awards 2013 showed us some of the best and worst of fashion senses in our celebrities. Without talking too much let’s get into the best and worst outfits we saw at the headies.


Best dressed (male) – Praize

This was a tough one to pick because all the men who looked good looked really good. But in my opinion Praize killed this look, his perfectly tailored printed blazer with those sleek dress shoes are definitely a man’s best friend. I’m sure he had all the ladies drooling at his presence. This is by far the best look of the night.


Best dressed (female) – Waje

The winning color at the Headies was Ravishing Rouge, so many beautiful women took the awards by a storm in red. Waje looks exceptionally stunning, her dress compliments her every curve. She accessorized minimally, with the neckline of her dress already so detailed she kept it simple with a pair of chandelier earrings, a ring and completed her look with a simple clutch. This is sooo simply and well put together. She gets a 10+/10


Worst dressed (man) – Sean Tizzle

Versace Versace Versace who?! LOL! It is only acceptable to have Versace on Versace as lyrics but in an outfit though?! This is doing too much for me; the belt that he made sure we all noticed by having his t-shirt half tucked in, the chain, the shirt… ok now. Too much too much.


Worst dressed (woman) – Yemi Alade

Where do I begin? This is just a badly tailored suit. The pants are ok, could be a little loser. And that blazer is too tight, the buttons look like they could snap off any moment. That thing on the shoulder, the hug necklace, not working at all. I love Yemi Alade and those shoes are tres adorbes but that suit, not a good fit. It’s a rare fashion mishap for Yemi Alade but this one didn’t work.


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