Guide to Buying a Maxi Dress for Petite Women


Maxi dresses are fantastic, but buying one as a petite woman can be quite hard. If you don’t go for the right style you can end up looking like the ground is trying to swallow you up, or that you’re playing dress up in your mum’s clothes. So, here are a few tips on how to buy a maxi dress for a petite women.

 First of all, yes it might seem obvious, try the petite section. The clothes here will have been designed for petite women. Sometimes this section can seem quite limited for choice, so what do you do if you can’t find what you’re looking for there? There are certain styles of maxis that look good on shorter women. If you are looking at petite maxi dresses to buy online, the best advice to take on board is to first visit a store and try on a variety of styles. You will not only see what is best for your height, but also your body shape.

Styles to Try

The best maxi dresses for petite women are styles that have detailing around the waist or even just the addition of a belt. This will split up the dress, allowing it not to look so long. It will emphasise your waist and body shape by enhancing feminine curves to make you feel confident.

For formal wear, a prom-style maxi dress can look great. If this style touches the floor (so long as you aren’t tripping over it), it can look ethereal and exquisite. Try to buy one with straps that are adjustable, as they work wonders for allowing you the perfect fit. Again, remember that waist detailing or ‘cut-out’ features will give the illusion of less material and loner legs.

For a romantic, feminine yet undoubtedly sexy look, try a 2-in-1 maxi dress. This style features a short dress then (usually) an overlay of chiffon to make the dress full length. These look fabulous on petite women as they show a hint of your legs. They are not usually designed to touch the floor, so they are more forgiving if you aren’t 6’4″.

Styles to Avoid

 The style that should be most avoided by petite women is the body-con maxi; if this is too long either in the body or legs there is nowhere to hide. It simply will not fit correctly without alterations. Maxi dresses with sleeves should also be avoided, because the more material you add the longer the dress will look. Remember, you want to wear the dress, you don’t want the dress to wear you.

Essential Heels

 For a petite woman to pull off the look of a maxi it is essential to pair it with heels, as obviously this will give you additional height. Follow these tips and no longer will the petite woman have to avoid the maxi dress!

 Sarah White has been writing about fashion for many years. She specialises in styling for the petite woman, as she is a petite woman herself. Sarah has been writing for websites and printed media for over 15 years. The self-confessed fashionista loves feminine styles, so she strives to find the best petite maxi dresses to buy online.

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