Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall!


Welcome to the first ever Friday Fashion Fix! Summer is almost gone and I’m missing it already. Well for me this past summer was the season of weddings, 50th birthday celebrations, baby showers, engagements and so on and so forth. It was pretty ridiculous, I’m beginning to believe that there was not one weekend where Naija people in Yankee were not off somewhere celebrating. Well one thing I loved about all these summer festivities…was the fashion show that commenced once the guests arrived, especially with the women. I love to see what some ladies end up doing with the 6 yds of material they are given.

So I gathered the top 5 looks I fell in love with this summer.

Look 1

Look 1

I love the collar on this one. I thought it was a very classy move but then she switches it up with the harem-like pants to complete the jumper. This is definitely out the ‘ankara box’.

Look 2


The design is pretty simple but the lace material she used just makes up for it and the color definitely does for me.

Look 3

topfive3I applaud her for doing the unexpected. Yes I’m sure others have thought of mixing brocade and ankara together but not this way. This could have been a trainwreck but she pulled it off nicely so kudos to her!

Look 4


The one shoulder look is a trend I saw pop up earlier this summer and spread like wild fire. For some it back fired and others it did wonders. Check her out, I love the layered ruffles and the tail at back. Sweet!

Look 5


I love this look for a number of things, 1. the colors, 2. the gold lame at her midsection, 3. the design and 4. the fact that the dress looks like it was MADE for her! (This last dress is from designer Tosin Savage of Violet Couture, for info on her email

All these ladies, have one thing in common, they’re all showing some skin! Summer gave us an excuse to do so and that is one thing I will miss. What clothes will you miss wearing?



  1. I must say I'm happy has finally gotten someone to start doing some fashion stuff. I hope it continues cos that will be a big plus for the site. Keep it up.

    In terms of the segment above, I love look 5. Very classy and chique. I'm so sad summer is over for real. No more weddings and barbeques.


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