Fashion & Style: Painting the Lily? He’s One Up on That



I’m so in love with this high-fashion pieces that I thought there is need for my peeps on here to meet Mr.Delano Brown. Not everybody is going to understand a $50,000 canvas,” but clothing is something everybody understands.

By the time Delano Brown showed up at his first New York gallery show, a model in a white dress had been waiting — silently, fiercely — more than an hour for his paint. She was doing such a good job of staring into the distance that the phenomenally well-appointed crowd filling the Smart Clothes Gallery on the Lower East Side stopped noticing her almost entirely


That is, until Mr. Brown arrived, took up his brush and set to work. Black floral outlines he had prepainted on the dress were soon filled with screaming-loud primary colors. Within an hour, the front of the dress had been transformed into a small botanical garden.

The hand-painted flower, bold and figurative, has become the calling card for Mr. Brown, who in the last several months has emerged as an in-demand clothing customizer, taking high-fashion pieces from the likes of Balenciaga and Givenchy and applying his lovely, transforming flourishes.

“It has a certain carelessness to it, but it’s a controlled carelessness,” he said of his flowers last month on his 22nd birthday. He was on the roof of the Schaefer Landing towers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he stays with a friend when in town. That day, he had moved from his previous crash spot in Dumbo, carrying his precious paints in a worn-out Balenciaga shoe box.

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