Emma Nyra & Victoria Kimani feature in Abbyke Domina’s “The Celebrity Shoot”



For Season 7 of Abbyke Domina‘s “The Celebrity Shoot“, the designer features two top female singers, Emma Nyra and Victoria Kimani.

Check out photos from the shoot…


Interview With Emma Nyra

Q: Can We Meet ?
Hello my name is Emma Chukwugoziam Obi aka Emma Nyra. I am the second daughter of 4 children and I was born and raised in Texas. I have been recording and singing professionally since I  was 16 years old. When I graduated from Texas Southern University in 2010 I began my journey into the Entertainment Industry. Apart from singing I am also a runway and print model and I have acted in several Nollywood USA films.

Q: Fashion to you means?
Fashion to Emma Nyra is the way in which one chooses to express themselves through their clothing, accessories,  etc.

Q: How do you handle difficult moment with the public based on your fashion sense?
Difficult moments in the public will always come because fashion is forever changing. I handle it by taking critiques as they come.

Q: How do describe your fashion lane? Do u go with trends or who Emma is?
My fashion lane is classy yet still sexy. I am a young female artiste so I do feel as though it is necessary to push the fashion boundaries and to break the rules a bit. I love to try new styles and to go to  uncharted territory.

Q: Your embarrassing moment?
My most embarrassing fashion moment was when I was a part of a dance group in university. As I was dancing on stage my pants ripped and I had to pretend o was dancing away even though I was really just trying to hide my split I’m my pants!


Interview with Victoria Kimani

Q: Can we meet ?

Sure 😉 I’m Victoria Kimani,singer and actress, chocolate city First Lady.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

Self expression, mood, Fashion is life

Q: How do u handle difficult moment with the public based on your fashion sense?

I try to take constructive feedback into consideration …then ignore the rest

Q: How can you describe your fashion lane?

Edgy, fun, African- sexy , depending on how I feel. I dress casually  a lot but I live the glam too.

Q: Do u go with trends or who Victoria is?

Who Victoria is … and trends if they match how I’m feeling…

Q: Most embarrassing fashion moment.

I had a pair of pants that ripped right under my butt. …lol…I guess I gained a few in the right places…and my pants were not having that.




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