Dencia Launches New Skin Care Product – Darklicious


Yes that’s the name.

The singer and socialite, Dencia (real name Reprudencia Sonkey) who is popular for her product, Whitenicious, has released a new line of skin care products. This time she has named in Darklicious. The product is meant to ‘keep your gorgeous skin healthy and beautiful’.

Dencia caught a lot of heat over the past year for her skin lightening product, Whitenicious, with critics saying the product promotes skin bleaching and also playing on the idea that white is better.

Recently she claimed to have made millions of dollars from the Whitenicious product. Whether or not that is true is anyone’s guess. But we’ll see how well this new product does, and more importantly if she’ll be super light or dark in the promotional pictures.

dencia darklicious

dencia darklicious

What do you think the product will do?

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