Cute!! Nike Oshinowo Introduces Her Twins On HELLO! Magazine



Nike Oshinowo opens up to Hello Magazine in their new edition, also introducing her beautiful twins to the world. She had welcomed her twins who were born via a surrogate in the United States last year and is ecstatic about motherhood.

Here are excerpts from her interview with HELLO! Magazine…

”This is the only interview I’m going to give about it because my children didn’t choose to come into this world or choose to be famous that way. I’m the one who’s famous. My children are not famous. I’m hoping they’re going to be able to live very normal lives.”

“I’m not supposed to be able to have children. I have endometriosis. I didn’t decide it was time, God decided it was time.” – Nike Oshinowo

When asked about having children at 48?

I think one thing you should know with me is that I’ll tell you the truth. If you dare to ask a question, I will answer. The answer might freak you out, but I will answer you as honestly as I can. It can happen to anyone, I’m not special.  I’m very close to my creator, and to be close to your creator, you don’t have to go to church or to any special pastor, you just form a one on one relationship with your God.

I was out of my marriage, and I was lying in bed, talking to my God “Okay, so, here I am, is this what you want for me? Please tell me the next step. What am I supposed to do now?” and I fell asleep. As I slept, I felt a tug on the bedding and I open my eyes…

I’m saying you have a choice to choose. I chose to have my children look like the rest of my family. I chose to have my children look like my cousins, the children of my sister, the children of my brother – all the same colour. I did what I needed to do to make that happen. My children bear Oshinowo. It’s a very good surname to have!


Also on this May issue, interviews with Hollywood actor Hakeem Kae Kazim, designer Oscar De Le Ranta and more.

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