Beauty Of The Week: Mafumay Alofe


Beauty of the week
Jaguda Beuaty of week will continue to feature some of the finest and best upcoming models. Beauty Of The Week sponsored, Daynike’s Fashion Store also on ground to continue rewarding our weekly winner with gifts from the store.

Yeah! let’s meet Mafumay, this week most beautiful girl on Jaguda! 🙂

Mafumay is a songwriter, dancer and model of Nigerian heritage born in the United Kingdom but holds a degree in Business Management and Information Technology from Greenwich University. she worked with ace producer Fliptyce on her debut singles, the mid-temp love ear-candy titled L.O.V.E and the up-tempo flirty Roll with You which has already picked up by numerous radio stations and she has also appeared on a couple of high profile shows to promote the tracks.
Height: 5ft 6inches, Weight: 60.5kg.
shoe size is 8, dress size: 10/12

You can follow her on twitter:- @Mafumay

Follow Dayniike’s fashion store on twitter for more update: @D_FashionStore, and be sure to check out the website

Photo designed by Shime Media
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