Beauty Of The Week: Debbie (Ibinabo Deborah Romeo)


DEBBIE (Ibinabo Deborah Romeo) is a 25 year old Nigerian from Rivers State but grew up in The Gambia. Blessed with an angelic voice, IB, as she is fondly called, developed a passion for singing at a very early age and became a popular face at concerts and music festivals in The Gambia. In November 2011, DEBBIE left her OAP job in The Gambia and returned toNigeria to participate in Nigerian Idol Season 2. Her determination and perseverance to make sure her dreams are realized won her the admiration of the judges, her peers and viewers. Her golden voice, striking personality, formidable outfits and captivating stage presence propelled her to the final stage (Top Ten) of the competition.
Recently, Debbie released her debut single: IN LOVE AGAIN. it is currently receiving rotation on radio and good reviews online.
DEBBIE equally pursues her interest in Photography and Fashion Design.

Presently managed by #Dearartiste Management, DEBBIE is a musician, media personality; fashion designer and photographer who wish to explore all opportunities and make the best use of them. Her journey may have just begun but her destination is far beyond the skies and with her recent history, one can be assured that her dreams will surely come true.


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