Win $50,000 Being The “Jewel For Jim Iyke”… A Reality Show


One “Lucky” lady will have the special privilege of being Jim Iyke’s jewel in his new reality show, Jewel For Jim Iyke. In this message from the website,, “Jewel for Jim” is a nationwide search for a “rare gem”, a cultural and social ambassador, a lady of substance, a role model who personifies a perfect blend of the traditional and modern mind, a great talent, a Princess fit to be soul mate to Africa’s most eligible bachelor Mr. Jim Iyke.

Jewel for Jim will present and document unscripted dramatic and sometimes humorous social experiences, situations and/or events, while featuring beautiful women of all races, cultures, ethnic groups, religions and sects, struggling to excel at specific tasks and contests with the ultimate goal of winning Jim’s heart and crowned “The Jewel”.

* Must be Single
* Minimum age is 21
* Must agree to “JewelForJim” terms and conditions
* Must posses a special skill

This should be very interesting, and I’m sure not many people will shy away from the opportunity to win $50,000, and be Jim Iyke’s jewel.

Auditions are currentlyt scheduled in the United States for the following dates:

LOS ANGELES CA September 14-15

NEW YORK CITY September 17 – 19

HOUSTON TEXAS September 23-25

WASHINGTON DC September 26 – Oct.3

For More Information, and to apply visit the official website for Jewel For Jim Iyke at



  1. So this is going to be the naija version of Flava of love abi? Ive always have a hard time taking Jim Iyke serious based on the roles he plays in his films, but with that being said I actually think the show will be a success. I'll tune in just to see which razz babes actually signed up for this and see what kind of lyrics Jim will be blowing to the ladies….Cant wait!


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